Why is my plant stuck in preflower?!?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by J8edagen, May 5, 2011.

  1. I have had my lights on a 12/12 schedule for 3 weeks now and my plant is still not showing anymore than a few preflowers. I have 2 cool and one warm bulb putting out a total of 2000 lumens. I did have to soak my plant because I had over fertilized but the leaves have seemed to recovered. Plant is about a ft and half tall. I can see that it is still growing but it seems stunted or something. It is also bagseed... But hey... I thought I would try my hand at cultivation. So do I have a problem or am I just being impatient? PleAse help?
  2. Im almost positive its your lighting situation.

    Your spectrum is unbalanced and inadequate.

    If anything u should have 2 warm 1 cool.

    U need at least 100w of 2700k (warm white).
    Load more lights on if ya can.

    Also - what is the Ph and what are u feeding ???

    Any pics ???

  3. hey push it down to 10 hour on 14 off. that should bump it.

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