Why Is My Plant Growing So Slowly?

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  1. Okay, so this is my first grow, and I started off with some bag seed. I let the seed germinate for a couple days, everything was all good. I used peat moss by itself to use as my soil. I know that peat moss has a low pH balance, but let me continue. I was growing on my window sill. I first had it in a little cup. All was well. It was about ehhhh 3-4 inches tall when I transplanted it into a mixture of potting soil infuse with miracle grow, peat moss, and wood ash. (I heard it raises the pH level) Also, I don't have anything to test the pH with. Anyway, I transplanted it and it still grew really slow. It took like, a month for it just to get to 3-4 inches. It still didn't grow. I started putting it outside to get more direct sunlight, and noticed it started to grow a little more, but I also notice it was getting heat stressed. After it grew to be about 6 inches, it only had three little nodes on it. I brought it to a great place by a stream in the woods, dug a hole big enough for a 5-gal bucket to fit in it, filled in with soil that my neighbors use for their garden, and started a guerilla grow. it's been about a week and a half since I put it there, and it's grown a little bit, but not much. But i did notice the smell was a lot stronger. Also, I'm not the biggest noob when it comes to this. I know a lot of tips and tricks and when to water and all that, it's just, my first time actually growing. And i'm confused as to why it's taking so long to grow. Any help? Please?

  2. Sounds like maybe not enough light, also they can't really grow much when they are in a solo cup. Could be the roots are waterlogged, might need some aeration like vermiculite,perlite or something.
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    Could also be the strain or pheno-type...
    Some strains r just more vigorous then others, even within the same strain you can get a slow growing pheno....
  4. At first the plant wasn't getting too much direct sunlight, but since i put it in the ground, it's been getting plenty of it. I also made sure the cups and hole in the ground had good drainage..
    I've also thought about if it was the strain, but the seeds are from a good friend of mine and he gets it from his dad and his dad's plants are way bigger than mine...
    It probably does need more air. I started another one with some perlite and sand in it and it seems to be doing just fine. Still a little slow in growth..but not as bad as my first one.
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    So you did total of 2 transplants in very little time? That will definitely stress the shit out of a young cannabis plant. What kind of soil are you using in your final transplant?
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    I'm not sure exactly sure what soil it is. But my neighbor uses it in his garden and it works like magic. Ill try to get some pictures as soon as I can. 

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