why is my plant doing this!?!?

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    i just watered it tonight and about an our or two later it looks like this..

    anyone know why?

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  2. Reaching for the sky!! I've seen plants do this after being watered and I just assumed they are working overtime to gather light and use that fresh water.
  3. naw you just got a happy plant there buddy soakin up the water and nutes and lovin the light..
  4. your plant is thanking the water gods:hello:
  5. It looks fine to me...might not hurt to add some more light though.
  6. yeah, they're happy, but REEEACHING for that light. get a few more light sources.
  7. Yeah they need more light.
  8. Less LIGHT up TOP and more on the sides or you are going to have one stretched out mama with all that beautiful leafage like that and node inter-spacing issues later .. But if you can keep it growing like that as long as possible before you take it off veg and put it on a lighting schedule you'll get more floral growth between nodes when they finally do stretch ! :) :wave:

  9. im actually on my fourth day of flower , well 5th now. but yea i was going to go buy 2 more cfls so i can have 3 up top and 1 on each side. i think that will be enough, i didn't think it was stretching because doesn't the stem just get really long and flimsy?

    well thanks guys! first grow and have been here ever other day asking questions. so thank you all!:wave:

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