why is my mom psycho...

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  1. i pay her n she doesnt like when girls come over, but its a fact its a need of life n what i gotta do, but i just feel like she has issues with men and therefor me,
  2. Na man I understand what she means.

    My sister lives with me and I don't let her have guys spend the night and I prefer if they don't come there at all. I just don't like having people I don't know in my house especially when I'm not home.
  3. Could it be because you bring females to her house without her consent?

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  4. I will let you into a little secret all you need to do in order to figure out how women work is simply nod and agree then nod and agree and one more time just for safe measure thats right just nod and agree and maybe throw in the occasional ''uhum uhum yeah I know'' and your good to go!

  5. qft
  6. Dude, don't bang chicks in your mom's house. At least not while she's home. That shit ain't cool. Think about it. If you had a daughter, how'd you like to hear her getting her freak on in the next room over?

    I get you're an adult and you have needs, but you gotta find somewhere else to do it man.
  7. Hahaha you don't know what psycho is, my friend.
    My mom could school all ya'lls mom's in crazy bitch.
  8. My mom got tested at they couldn't draw conclusive results.


    - iPod6809
  9. Never understood why you guys dont sit down and have a real chat with your parents, tell them whats bothering you and finds out whats bothering them and fix it, from time to time me and my mum argue but other than that, we're chill, she respects me as an adult and only gives me support when I need it.

  10. so true, I've been home for the holidays so Im spending time with my parents and just being around my mother is painful.

    Quoted above post for truth, just nod and try not to be confrontational which for me means not saying much.
  11. some parents you can't tell shit to without it turning into a lecture
  12. Fuck the bitch slap da ho!!!
  13. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']Menopause?[/quote]

    My rents are older, so when I was 15 my mother was going through this wonderful hormonal time when I was in highschool, I now know why my dad took so long working on the lawn mower when it wasn't even broken.
  14. Because when your mom is on her period that last thing she wants is to hear her son banging some broad in the basement...

    And that mommy daddy role playin you guys were doin.... just didn't help at all

  15. Same here:cool:

  16. You live with your mother.

    This sounds about right.
  17. Same boat dude. I'm 23 and my rents are mid 50s.

    But, my mom has been getting crazier and crazier over the years. Oh well, still love her. I give my dad a ton of credit though haha.
  18. My mom was like that but now she mellowed out after she went through menopause

  19. I can only hope for the same. Her health conditions (slipped disc in neck, fibromyagia as a result, constant pain all day) prob. don't help either with her mood. But I think things will be much easier for her once she is done.

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