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why is my mom psycho...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GNJ Aristocrat, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. She just fuckin flipped on me in front of this girl cus cus she was just leaving.
    She actually called her a slut to her face.... this woman needs to chill the fuck out, buzzkillll....

    hope ur night didnt end in being scolded like a 10 year old..
  2. possibility she saw something on her lip?
  3. what happeneed
  4. im 100% sure she probably just needs a good ass banging. no seriously tho slide a big dildo into her dresser im sure she"ll ease up.;)
  5. Eh, ain't nothing my boyfriend's mom hasn't done to me.
  6. Made sure this girl comes over after my moms sleeping cus she doesnt realise im a guy and have we spark up and bang, im walking her out and out comes my mom guess she heard us walking or whatever and proceeds to have a spaz attack,
  7. It's because she's a woman. I'm not saying that jokingly either. My dad always told me all women are insane. And you know what? It's held true in my life so far.
  8. thats fucked.
  9. shes semi feminist or something...
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    Dude, she hacked my Facebook and saw a conversation I had with my sister about how much of a "raging cunt" she was and whatnot. Then she went ahead and flipped out on me in front of her kids AND their friends.

    Then she said I was "shady" and I "made her nervous" because I cleaned her fucking house for her... thought I'd be nice.

    Oh and when we first got together she said I was a slut and that she'd "heard things about me". I am the furthest thing from a slut and have never been called a slut, except that day.

    Oh, another gem... she got mad at us so she came to our house and stole the elements on the stove. She knew our microwave was broken so we couldn't make food until we went and got new elements.
  11. Then he's like "Why isn't the oven working" and you're all like "It's elementary..."
  12. Does your mom pay the rent? Did your mom tell you not to have people over when she's asleep?

    I'ma guess probably, in which case she has all the right to bitch at you and that girl.

    If you pay to live there or whatever, then I guess that's kind of fucked up, but otherwise I can't sympathize with you.
  13. Light some shit on fire...It always helps.:cool:
  14. reverse oedipus complex?

    jk, maybe she finds it awkward to hear a girl moaning every night because her son is banging in her house?

  15. Yes, as she becomes frustrated, and pleasures herself from the next room knowing all the while it's the sounds of her own son.
    This makes her feel strange inside.
    She must rid this awkward problem from occurring again.
    Therefore, the girl is a slut, to her face.
  16. my mom is chill, cooks great, nice loving person overall

  17. ... i have the wierdest boner right now
  18. yeah my mom isn't like that, but my dad is so I kinda feel your pain

    He's literally been bitching at me, my brother, and my mom the past 3 days about us not "spending enough time together". He claims "the holidays are a time to spend time with your family", but then every time we are actually together (which is for at least a few hours today, I normally don't even leave the house until like fucking 9-10 pm if I do because he'll complain) he just spends the whole time fucking ridiculing someone for something.

    like today he started banging on my door at noon on the dot, saying "thewarden, you still breathing in there?" and shit like that. I woke up and go downstairs, and he immediately starts saying we're gonna go somewhere. I'm like "ok, but I just woke up and have to go take a shower before we go". He started bitching about that, saying how if I just want to stay home all day then I can do that. it's like dude what the fuck, if you wanted to go shopping or something fucking let me know beforehand and I won't sleep all day and can be ready

    sure enough after I get out of the shower he's not there. waiting for his return and the resulting earful of shit I get

    it's almost comical- a guy so bent on spending time with his family that he berates them to the point of not wanting to spend time with him

    also this probably sounds really bitchy, but if you knew the situation you'd see it differently. I probably sound like a total brat but in actuality, I try pretty hard to accommodate my parents and make them happy cause I don't see them much. makes it kinda hard when one of them is constantly an asshole

  19. it actually doesnt sound bitchy i feel u man, same shit w my dad when he was around. some ppl feed off of being negative, kinda sad.

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