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Why is my ish so EXPENSIVE

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Scibby, May 31, 2009.

  1. So i have lived in southern RI now pretty much my whole life, i have been gettin high for quite some time now and i have been in and out of the drug game and all that good shit. When i was at my prime i was doing g's of nice canadian headies that i got weekly for 20, slices for 50, q for 110, halfs for 200. Granted i was making about 4-5$ per g. But now my friends and i stopped cause of heat, everything in my town is fucking 20 a g for absolute SHIT, and i mean like barley a step above mids. Mids are selling for 10/g and dont even get you highhhh. I just dont get why everywhere else in the god damn us g spots of headies is like 15-20 for 1.2 or more, i have gotten slices in MA colleges of dank headies for 40 bucks WHY!!!!!
  2. Sorry bro, probally just the areas

    Isn't there dispensaries in RI? Try those if there are any?
  3. wut? :confused:
  4. Well a recent Bill has allowed them to open 3 in RI one in uppern, middle, and southern. None are open yet, and you need a medical license to get anything from them anyways. I heard you can work at them only though for FREE the state wont pay workers of dispensaries but they are fully state funded F*** up!, as an employee owners get paid, but i guess that means free buds if you work there hahah.
  5. Yea august its silly, i feel like i am getting robbed everytime i want to get high, Cause every time i want to smoke i gotta pay 20 bucks cause all my friends are fucking broke all the time, then i smoke the whole gram no problem in hopes of getting high, but that doesnt always happen lol....fml....this is why i am now growing my own plants :) or trying too at least.
  6. I buy slices of medical quality herb for 55 on the regular.. its just the price in most of the areas in the states, and its also about who you know.

    why not buy a quarter of headies and make it last?
  7. trust me dude if i bought a slice and smoked it for only myself, it would last 2+ weeks no problem, i just have a large gtroup of friends that like to get high. So we all just get high on each others supplies, so that causes me to smoke it all in like 3 days which sucks.
  8. if you can, take a unused closet and set up a cheap CFL grow space. probably ran me $150. my own closet is probably bigger than what you would want. but its real easy if its something you can do. i took the growing route and now i have some really good weed growing, granted there still i have a aurora indica, PPP(pure power plant), and 2x haze(seriously doubt its the orignal jamaican haze but some other kinda haze) still good none the less. its better than paying $25 a g!!! and giving money to shady people.

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