why is my head hurting? 'Resolved'

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 27, 2009.

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    lately my head has been killing me when i smoke. i noticed a little bump on the back/left side of my head- not sure if its just bone or not- kinda paranoid, gna check that out tomorrow

    could it just be the weed smoke that is making me feel like the back of my head is hurting?

    last time i went to the doctor a couple months back when my head was hurting he said it was just a bone near my ear that was infected for wtvr reason- maybe too much loud music// i notice i get small sounds once in a while like titanous or wtvr thats called

    anyone else get health paranoid when theyre high??
  2. you have a tumor.

    joking, that would suck. i couldnt tell you, maybe your just paranoid like you said.
  3. It's not a tuuma!
  4. Not gonna lie man, sounds like ninja's are attacking your face in your sleep.
  5. GEt to the Chopper!!

    omgrolfmaohloll anyways, my brother gets ear infections all the time, even had surgery to have tubes placed in his head. You could have that or maybe you are just smoking shitty weed.
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  7. maybe its just a cyst.

    and maybe everytime you smoke, the smoke you inhale irritates something in your system. so, you get the headaches, is what im guessing. and also depends where on your head is the headache occuring or feels more painful.
  8. has to be the lymph nodes
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    i actually have had tubes a long time ago- ill def go check this out

    smoking a nice purple kush strain

    thanks for the link redhead, that could be the case

    kind of a bug out ;/ could just be lymph nodes though

    gnna slepe it 0ff
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    don't think im gona b able to sleep tonight, this is prb wht i hav and my ear ddntstop ringing :mad:

    it all makes sense cause ive had vitamin d difecency , maybe this is why and my ears have been ringing for a while, this really sux

    sory for the drama grasscity
  11. gonna play katamari, too anxious to sleep

    ill go to my doctor in the monring and see the deal. not gonna blzae anymore today ether- wonder if smoking could have contributed to this
  12. Sounds like and infected or swollen lymph node to me. No biggie, but get er checked out to be sure.
  13. it has to be mastoiditis- my ear doesnt stop ringing- what a rape. almost 6 am

  14. Hope the doc can get you fixed up. Tinnitus sux. Are you running a fever?
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    not really. just that my ear is kind of hurting- wonder if it could be related to tubes i had put in a long time ago or tinnitus- ill find out soon enough.

    im sure everything should be cool after i get checked out.- be good to know what the deal is ether way............. []
  16. looks like it is a random infection or something- gonna take some anti-biotics. its funny how weed makes me jump to conclusions

    im gonna go hit a bowl and get some waffles. good vibes!


  17. glad to hear it's chill and not something major
  18. Waffles are good! Glad you're OK
  19. thanks! there's no better feeling than knowing you're healthy.

    except for being high and knowing that you're healthy


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