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Why is my ex doing this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I want everyone's opinion, okay so i broke up with my ex like a fuckin year ago because she was psychotic

    (she wouldn't let me hang out with other girls, that I've been friends with and just friends for longer than I've even know my ex, she said I can't smoke or drink and she can, she took my phone when I went to the bathroom and read all my texts and then deleted all the girls from my phone. I had nothing to hide in the texts, and it was unnecessary to delete contacts.)

    She easily could've just asked and I would've been okay with it. Annoyed but whatevs. Anyways she deleted contacts that were cousins and other family members and a few friends. And she got mad at me for saying that she has to stop being so worried and over dramatic and protective and shit.

    Anyways, she texted me saying that she doesn't want me to talk to girls still lol. Like da fuq. Finna get a restraining order on dis bitch. Just kidding I'm white. But wtf is with bitches. I think she's just mad because her friend wants my penis to penetrate her virgin vagine
  2. there all fucken crazy thats why i dont fuck with em. i meet random hoes at parties and fuck em. they never get my #. if the bitch dont fuck on the first night i dont ever talk to her again. if the bitch fuck on the first night i dont ever talk to her again. bitches are crazy its a proven fact. 
  3. because shes obsessed watch your ass man bitches like that tend to do insane shit
  4. haha yea I've noticed. Good thing I'm moving this summer
  5. fuck yea, your method is fuckin fool proof. They don't get your number. That's good
  6. Sounds like an insecure girl who has been cheated on (and probably cheats). Probably didnt get enough attention as a kid. Just another product of the shitty world we have built. Ignore it and eventually she will straighten herself out
  7. Lol and you sound completely normal..
  8. She's your crazy ex, stop even talking to her :p 
  9. Why are you still talking to her? LOL what a joke
  10. I don't talk to her! I deleted her number after I dumped her and she texted me
  11. All that other shit I said while we were dating
  12. She wants the d
    Yeah, she wants to cut it off and mount it on a shrine
  14. Simple, change your number so she can't contact you. It may have to come down to a restraining order if you think she may try doing something to you if you start seeing other people.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  15. Why would you say it'd be okay if she asked for your permission? It's never okay for anyone to act that fucking psychotic.
  16. Might get a better response in the Sex/Relationships section
  17. Damn dude, I can't blame snooping, my gf used to do it, and I've done it, and I really don't get offended by it. It's understandable. As human beings, our word is virtually worthless. Fidelity is hard.
    But deleting all your contacts? Banning you from consuming mind altering substances, but she could if she wanted? WTF?
  18. What the fuck is this nonsense? 
  19. Just get a good looking girl and go out with her. Whenever that crazy bitch texts you just send her a picture of the new girl ;) she'll eventually quit my dude.

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  20. well you sound like a bit of a fuckwit then.

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