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Why is my dealer upset at me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecrafter, May 25, 2009.

  1. #1 thecrafter, May 25, 2009
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    Game Over.
  2. FInd a new guy, sounds like a pussy.
  3. basically youre fucked, when i sold i had a certain list of custies i fount t be annoying as shit and not worth wasting my time with, apparently this dealer put you on that list, or he just stopped selling, you can ask one of your friends for a new dealer or ask a friend that knows the dealer to help with this

  4. Well he didn't stop selling. We were texting just now and he was willing to sell but in one text I just said hey can you get another type of kush though? not the one from last time it wasn't for me and that triggered him for some reason.

    The people I know that smoke ALL give me "people don't just hand out numbers you have to find your own"
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  5. Kush's are usually all indica dominant strains(kush's are known for it) and you pretty much asked him for another kush that is a sativa?

    idk if that's why hes mad or not tho..
  6. You asked too many questions. He's a paranoid schizo and he probably just thinks you're a cop, that's all. Look at it from his point.

    He's probably pushing alot of weed and he's just trying to cover his ass. NOT to mention you were doing it through text messages which are traceable.

    Even if he isn't pushing alot, he still doesn't want to get fucked.

  7. Kush is just the name for dank around here. When I first met him I asked for dank and he was like "whats dank? i can get kush for you" and I said dank is just good weed, like kush, and he said ooooh never heard that term before.

    So kush=dank here in general

  8. If you don't like indica than you don't like kush. Kush IS indica. So asking for another type of kush because you don't like the body high of indica doesn't make any sense. Next time, ask for a sativa strain.

    Fuck him. You're the customer. If he doesn't want to answer a few questions, even if the question doesn't make too much sense, fuck him and find another dealer when you can. And keep this in mind. There is nothing wrong with going on an extended T-Break. As a matter of fact, as freaked out as you are about not having any weed for a month, a t-break is probably just what you need.
  9. then ask them to introduce you or t come with them for a pickup, and keep coming until you get a dealer, i do believe your friends are bullshitting you because this has been done to me so i'd have to go through a middle man, maybe hes sensitive about the kush because its homegrown? if i had plants and someone said they didnt do the job id be pissed too

  10. Hey maybe if you actually read my post you'd know he's a friend of mine from the local college and we met in person several times a day.

    AND that he's a small time dealer (just reselling to friends) and not pushing... learn to read before you attack
  11. Kush IS Indica. You can try to use it as a term for any good bud but you'd be wrong. It's the name of specific strains from the Kush region in the foothills of the Himalayas and they are ALL Indicas.

    Shit, I'd be pissed too if I were your dealer :D
  12. #12 lwien, May 25, 2009
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    Ok, this doesn't make sense either. If kush is dank around where you live, than why didn't he know what dank meant?

    Kush is Indica and dank equates to good weed, even if it isn't Kush.

    Keep this shit up, and I'm not gonna talk to you either. ;)

  13. No not homegrown. When I picked up the kush from him last time, I went in his car and then we drove to some neighborhood where we picked up another guy. That guy had the bag of kush and I paid that guy. With mids he just middle mans it for me.

    I'm stumped. It's really gay I did nothing wrong all I asked was if he has access to any other kush and now I'm fucked to the teeth because I don't know any other dealers and the handful of people that do smoke all give me that i can't give you numbers BS or my dealer doesn't pick up calls from people he doesn't know

    total BS im so mad and sad now :(
  14. smoke with your friends until they smoke all their weed, then when they want to smoke more, say youll buy but you want to pick it up frm the dealer, feed back the bullshit and be a stubborn little bastard until you get at least one dealer from a friend. or have your closest friends middle man it for you
  15. Yeah that is true man. I don't smoke a whole lot, about 4 times a week average and only about .15-.20g at a time

    I still have about .5g of that kush and about 4.5-5g of mids so it will keep me over until next semester but I just have my doubts I'll find a dealer.

    Made me feel better though thank you bud
  16. I wouldn't give people my dealers numbers either cuz they mess around with alot of weed and they dont like getting calls from people they dont know. But if one of my friends wanted weed i could help them get it from my dealer.
  17. #17 JuicyGoose, May 25, 2009
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    I wasn't attacking you. Sorry you can't tell the tone of my voice through typing, man.

    Anyone who is selling pot is "pushing" it. Maybe he was just having a bad day and you texting him so many times about him finding you some pot got on his nerves. I don't know, but if i was a dealer it'd probably get at me a bit too buddy.:D

    He could still be fucked, the cops could still say, "I want your boy or you get a heavier sentence." Then where does that leave him because of all your questions. I was just saying look at his standpoint.
  18. Just ask him this exact question, "Why you dissapoint?".

    That is pretty bitchy of him, might have been insulted that you didn't like his weed.

  19. Again, he's just a casual smoker that offered to resell to me during class. I was just as surprised as you are when he didn't know what dank was but I kid you not he didn't know and I said dank is good weed and he said oh yeah you mean kush and in my mind I just went "..." and said yeah pretty much and just shrugged it off.

    And since he didn't know what dank meant I doubt he knows what indica and sativa are so I didn't bother asking, and since it was my first time with dank (and kush, obviously) I didn't really care even if it was indica, I wanted to give it a try. Understand?
  20. #20 Six One Cynic, May 25, 2009
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    Some dealers are just unreliable, paranoid or just can't be arsed to sell to you at this point in time - this is why it is integral to have ATLEAST four or five connects on your phone @ any given time.

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