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Why is my cat peeing on the bed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Volcano South, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. So, I've got a 16 or 17 year old ragdoll cat. My ex-wife and I got him from her grandmother about 4 years ago and her and I split up around the first of the year and the courts awarded him to me.

    At any rate, the past two mornings my bed has had a big urine spot on it. I thought yesterday it was a fluke but when I awoke this morning I wasn't too happy about it.

    Googled "old cat pees bed" and found out he may have a UTI or his kidneys or liver may be failing. In the whole time I've had him he's NEVER done this, not once -- EVER.

    He's not acting sick, he's eating normal and I'm not really sure if he's using the litter box or not because I have two other cats in the house. I'm not noticing any other weird signs other than this. Called the vet but they can't see him until tomorrow. I plan to take him in in the morning to see what the story is but I'm really worried if his kidney or liver is failing that I'll have to put him down which I REALLY don't want to do. He's kind of the only link I have to a life I no longer lead and miss greatly. I love this guy.

    Any suggestions before I take him into the vet tomorrow? Thanks.

  2. The best bet is with the vet. Good luck, man!
  3. Have you noticed any change in behavior? Good luck with the vet man.
  4. I'm guessing one of the same reasons old people piss the bed.
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  6. I'd get a new vet, if you think your cat is sick the vet should accommodate you asap which means some time today. Hell my vet is packed all the time, but they never turn me down even just to get shots.

    Some cats will start peeing on furniture if they aren't happy with their litter box conditions. Some things to think about:
    Have you changed the brand of litter?
    Have you changed the box?
    Have you added cats to the household? If so you might need another box to spread out the usage.
    Are you keeping the litter box clean? If you don't have an auto scoop like litter maid you should be emptying it at least once a day, probably twice with 3 cats.

    Couple years ago I tried to switch to the Cat Genie, and they just didn't take to it so I had some problems. Switched back to litter maid and problems went away immediately. Hope your kitty is ok.
  7. Damn that's an old ass cat man. Cat's usually have a life expectancy of 10-15 years so consider yourself lucky that you have had him this long. Hopefully the vet has good news and it's something that can be treated with medication.
  8. Put the cat down...
  9. I'm 99% sure after talking to the vet it's a simple UTI.

    No reason to put him down, in fact -- that's just proof we live in a disposable society. Old man giving you trouble? Throw him in a nursing home. Cat pissing the bed? Put him to sleep.

    That's just silly. Taking him to the vet tomorrow, very very likely this is a simple UTI as it often happens in male cats.

    Also, he's a Ragdoll (largest domesticated breed) so life expectancy is actually 15-25 years under normal, healthy conditions.

    @Jamayah - Today is my vet's "farm day." I live in a rural state/area. I do computer work for the vet so I get cheap rates. No need to switch. If he was pissing blood or crying then yeah I'd go somewhere else but after an hour or so of research it sounds like a UTI which isn't serious unless left untreated for days and days. Tomorrow will be fine.
  10. the cat doesnt like you dude
  11. UTI, or you did something that really pissed the cat off! But since Ragdolls are laid back to the max, I'd definitely take him to the vet!

  12. ok since everyone else chimed in about the cat "Jamaya" is spot on with the cat thing.......cats do not like new things in their existing enviroment. A new cat, not enough litter boxes.....you should have one for each and an extra, so if you have three cats you need four litter boxes.........I have four cats indoors.....I have five litter boxes.......I scoop every evening all the boxes and every friday I change the litter..I use scoop away..........so now to the urine on your bed...........
    DO NOT USE BLEACH..............bleach and urine/amonia is toxic gas..........you need to get vinegar.........wash everything in soap and vinegar..........soak the spot on your matteress with vinegar.......try to use like an upholstery cleaner to suck out the piss first then use it to suck out the vinegar, but the vinegar must stay...........you will have to get a mattress pad, to keep it from getting to the matteress again and to coveer your mattress now from the vinegar smell.........this happened to a friend of mine and I did a lot of research and trial and error...............there is NOTHING you can buy at the store that will work only VINEGAR......
  13. Probably smells ......pee pee dots on the mattress :D
  14. nananananananananananna CAT MAN
  15. So what came of this?
  16. Give that cat omegggga 33333333333
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    he's probly dieing. you gotta take him to a vet, but to be honest when you bring him they most likely will tell you to put him down, so be ready for that. ironically, cats aren't pussies and won't really cry about being hurt, they'll stick it out and purr to show you how strong they are.

    it's a sad thing, i've had to put down all 4 of my childhood cats in the last few years. but at that age, they usually have failed kidney's and livers like you mentioned. i don't know what else to say besides that you've gotta do what you've gotta do, i fucking hate putting down my animals man just try not to think about it too much.
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  19. i have about a 3-4 year old ragdoll cat and he has never once peed on anything, if anything he does it when he is outside(likes to sneak out when possible).
  20. He had a UTI. Hasn't done it past 3 mornings. Been giving him meds from the vet.

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