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Why is my best high my wake and bake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EddieNashton, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. My wake and bakes at like 6:30-7:30am are always the best highs of the day for me. I usually can stretch a blunt of .8 throughout the day. Taking a couple hits every couple hours. Was this a bad idea for my tolerance?

    And why is it that my wake and bake is the best high of the day for me? Any science behind that?
  2. It's probably to do with the fact that you're normally groggy during the early morning anyway, and that coupled with being stoned adds to it. I know my W&B is my best high of the day as well.
  3. Probably because you gave your lungs a rest while you were sleeping. You've sobered up and slightly lowered your tolerance by the morning. Idk just my guess
  4. I smoke a torpedo every morning. If I quit burning for three days I'd get fucked up if I smoked again. I'm lighting up a joint in t-minus 10 seconds
  5. Damn, there's people on this forum at this time as well? That's convenient lol

    Thanks for the replies, bros.
  6. Indeed, it is now 07:01 a.m. for me and I haven't gone to bed yet, haha.
  7. usually because later in the day when you smoke your already high and the faster you smoke the higher you get and perhaps after coming down your happy chemicals arent all restored so you dont get as high. Yes i used the terminology happy chemicals
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    The actual reason is because the first time you smoke during the day you get the highest. The reason for this is because you have no THC in your blood so when you blaze it hits you harder and you in turn get higher. After that blaze sesh if you blaze again during that day you will not get as high because you already have THC in your blood so therefore it isnt as big of a "shock" to the system for lack of a better word and you dont get as high as your body is already accustomed to being high. And every subsequent seperate time you blaze during that day you will not be able to get as high. The only way you would be able to blaze and get higher than your first sesh of the day is if you stayed up for a very long time and mixed your next blaze sesh with sleep deprivation (which is suprisingly intense)m and you can even hallucinate at this point.
  9. I hallucinate and don't even stay up late lol
  10. I thought the wake n bake had to do with no sugar being in your blood stream which allows more THC and CBD to be absorbed into your blood steam. Which makes you get higher.
  11. That is an additional reason, but not the main reason :smoke:
  12. Have you been checked for mental illness? (no joke)..not trying to be a dick either. Im not just talking staying up late, this shouldnt happen until maybe the third day of being awake after a decent session.
  13. This makes sense. I noticed you get higher if you toke before even eating anything.
  14. Bed?? Sleep?

    Urs truly Edward.
  15. [quote name='"MR_"']

    This makes sense. I noticed you get higher if you toke before even eating anything.[/quote]

    Yeah I noticed it too.

  16. Then wouldn't someone with dieabts or however u spell it get more faded then anyone? This is wrong I'm gunna have to say... And its probably the same the reason why the meal is the most important meal of the day u been deprived of it for so long. That's my thing of weed its not ur " wake and bake' its ur first toke of the day that's better. Cus ur body was deprived from it. Cus Idk how u but I'm awake I smoke every 1 hr at least lol well try a bowl here there.
  17. Sometimes in the shower I'll have my eyes closed and think that when I open them, I'll see a huge butcher knife and my body parts and blood everywhere lol it freaks me out sometimes.
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  18. Well my parents always taught me that the period after you wake up and before lunch is the best time to study as the knowledge seeps into your brain easier. Applied that to toking, and well, you get the best high ever!
  19. Because wake N' bakes are awesome. Duh.
  20. basically it's a tolerance thing

    lets say you smoke a bowl every two hours every day

    that two hours is all the time you're giving your cannabinoid receptors to recuperate from the stimulation, so if you're constantly smoking your tolerance is gonna shoot up (not to mention, you probably haven't sobered up 100% so it's not as fresh feeling of a high)

    so lets say you sleep for 8 hours a night, you've given your receptors a significantly longer time to reset (it's like a super short t-break) thus, you'd get much higher when you smoke the first bowl of the day

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