Why is most of my plants stems purple ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CrapsKing7^11, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. my plants stems are like purple and i no its not genetics.

    1.hey can anyone tell me why my stems on my plants leafs and the main stock purple?

    2.should i remove this plant?

    3.does it mean its bad and i cant cure it?
  2. There's nothing wrong with it, don't remove it. My plant's the same atm and I'm wondering what causes it too...
    I've had this in the past as well and the plants were healthy, so don't worry about it
  3. Hey guys just asked a similar question.... see below response

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    Re: So you want to grow Marijuana, your ?'s answered here.
    Originally Posted by newgrowNY [​IMG]
    One of my plants thats just in flower, only a few days, has some purple fan leave stems and purple striping on the main stem. Maybe just a strain carecteristic but if a nute problem what might it be?

    can be strain related, but a N def can cause that, Or P def.
  4. Is it a young plant? because I have noticed that the stems on young plants are purple but that goes away as they grow.
  5. Is it something like this?
  6. Several things can cause that. Like stated before strain or some chemical deficiency. Over watering, stress, overfeeding or low temperatures can cause the stems or branches to turn purple.
  7. they have been growing for about 2 months or so.ive only been using 2 23w CFL Daylight bulbs.the 2 good ones are about 1foot 3in and the purple stemmed one is about 1foot 1-2in but i haven't seen improvement in it for a while except leaves are growing from the bigger leaves on the bottom.i have pics in gallery but ill post better ones soon.
  8. Well I don't know what to tell you, i'm curious to see the pictures though. You didn't use different soil for the plant that is purple did you? or are you doing anything different to that plant than the other 2?
  9. I didnt do nothing different i used hyponex soil for all three plants.I have photos in my gallery.so should i remove the SOBin plant?
    I even used a pot with holes on the bottom for that plant in the begining
  10. I wouldn't even sweat it, i HIGHLY doubt it's purple due to anything that is going to spread from plant to plant. Worst case senario, the one plant dies and you still have the rest of them.
  11. i got pics in my gallery so check em out in my plants album.i have pics of the stems and i think it mite be dead:eek: please let me no if you think it is so i can remove it thanks

  12. In which album in your gallery?
  13. I looked at the pics, too dark to see anything, but if all they are showing is that the stem is indeed purple then they don't really help us learn anything else on this. Otherwise the plant looks OK to me. You have a couple a pics wondering if the plant is dead, it looks like it could be droopy but I don't see why you wonder if it's dead, looks alive to me.

    Regardless of what is going on with that plant, don't remove it. You haven't described signs of anything contagious to the other plants. So just keep growing it, either it will live or it will die. If it lives and turns out to be male you should yank it then.

    Your other plants don't look so good. You have two very stretchy plants in a shallow tupperware, they should be separated and each put in much larger pots, and you need more light.
  14. I dont remember atm. but that seems they need some elements...thats not bad later it disapear...

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