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why is marijuana considered a "depressant" ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ytfghmjb, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. its always done the complete opposite for me...
    gets rid of depression, makes me happy, ya know .
  2. Weed is considered a hallucinogen. Not a depressant, that just wouldn't make sense:p
  3. well im taking a college writing class with a hippie teacher and she said it was a depressant..
    and ive never hallucinated from weed so whys it a hallucinogen anyway ?
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    Everyone at my school considers it a depressant also. They just need to get their facts straight.
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    It changes the way your brain thinks in a lot more ways than a depressant would. I suppose when you smoke weed, your thought patterns can go basically anywhere. When you take a depressant, its more directed to sitting you down, and calming your body and mind.

  6. WRONG.


    Because it slows things down. it doesn't mean mentally (altho it CAN be that too) it just means the opesite of a stimulent.
  7. yeah man dont take the word "depressant" literally. . .
  8. I was brought up being told it was a mild hallucinogen, which in some properties, it is. Depending on strain it could be either depressant,stimulant or hallucinogen, IMO.
  9. This guy knows his stuff
  10. this shit is so confusing loll
    i think it should just be in its own little category
  11. True story. Marijuana is in fact all of these things.

    Also, the internet is a helpful tool. Most often, it is used to answer questions that otherwise would be posted by people who didn't do the research themselves.

    This belongs in the Apprentice Tokers' forum as well. Yet another problem that can be easily solved by simply reading the forum descriptions before you post.
  12. That's what I've always done. I've never considered it a depressant, because it's not like any other things labeled a depressant. I've never considered it a hallucinogen or an even mild one, because it's never come close to doing that to me. And I've definitely never considered it a stimulant, although it does feel uplifting and sometimes stimulating, but anyone who has done a stimulant knows how different the stimulating feeling it is.

    I personally think it shouldn't be categorized under any of these things, because it's nothing like the drugs that are categorized under stimulant, hallucinogen, and a depressant.
  13. depressant means that it depresses the CNS.

    conversely, stimulants stimulate the CNS.

    get it?
  14. uhh . yeah sure ?
  15. My mom's a nurse and when she caught me she really pressed it in how it was a depressant. After prlonged use it will give you that 'I don't care' attitude that I love so much
  16. Every time I see your avatar, it makes me want to go watch cowboy bebop.
  17. Most marijuana like indica is a Central nervous system deppressant. (CNS) Which is good, its what makes you chill after you roast a bowl
  18. oh shit . i already have the "i dont care" type attitude. matter of fact, i even had it before i started smoking.
  19. In my experience, since it's more of a "background-drug," it's a completely different experience depending on what you did before/are going to do. It's really subjective in other words, much like pain is. Pain is completely subjective and depends on the individual person. Now, we know that weed does certain things to us, but we can mold the effects easier than most other drugs.
  20. it makes me want to have sex and then go to sleep

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