Why is mankind destroying itself?

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  1. What is it about a human that craves destruction? Compared to other species (after all we ARE just animals) we're unnaturally violent. It seems there's always a desire for destruction in the human mind. We break pencils, break styrofoam cups, play violent video games, watch horror movies, punch walls, yell, play violent sports, etc. Though these behaviors have existed for millennia, they've run rampant in the past 100+ years.

    What is it that fuels these behaviors? One possibility is the ability to mass communicate. No other species has ever achieved this ability before, perhaps the human brain isn't wired to be so mainstream. We're too advanced. People are literally dumbing themselves down.

    It's common knowledge now that in the next 50 years, food and water shortages will be very common. We do nothing. Our government is slowly taking over. We say nothing. The world is almost at edge of a nuclear annihilation. We sit and watch.

    Going at the rate we are now, it appears that mankind, the only known civilized species, and possibly the only civilized life that exist in the universe are on an inevitable path to premature extinction. Being as developed as we are it would seem that we would outlive 95% of life on earth. We won't.

    But why? What causes this? Comment below.
  2. Like the old saying goes "those who don't learn from there mistakes are doomed to repeat it" or something like that.
  3. Enslavement to the lower nature. Ignorance of our higher nature.
  4. Mankind is not destroying itself. We will be just fine

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  5. Do you have any idea what pollution and natural gasses are doing to our planet. Its creating a horrible situation in the north pole and melting ice caps and shit.
    So, its doing things the Earth has done for billions of years? mmkay.
  7. But it is harming the planet and our future children are doomed if we don't find a better healther power source.
  8. stop watching democrat propoganda outlets

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  9. Oh okay will do..
  10. The Earth will survive the cancer that is mankind.....
  11. We are not a cancer

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    We just have antiqued ideas on how to live.
  13.  Oh god, go educate yourself. Anthropogenic contributions have MORE than been proven. Mauna Loa, CO2? Stop living under a rock and perhaps broaden your thinking.
    No. It is not harming the planet. It is changing it. We are making it warmer, forcing us to be more efficient as land cover reduces. It'll make the world shit for HUMANS, but be fine long term. Same applies to the energy crisis. Oh and when we swing back into a cooling cycle due to oceanic circulation fuckups AFTER all the intense heating, man-kind will once again have to scramble.

    In fact, these disasters will be good for us in the long term, if we survive them. They will be both a teaching moment and a reformation of our way of life/thinking.
  14. Thank you for the first time someone opens there mind to something else than cartoons and stupid shit..1st grower We'll see if we are changing for the better or the worst but One of these days us as a human race will be gone from this planet if we don't take care of this planet
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    But we dont have to do that, its so stupid this stuff has been an issue since Britain first industrialized. How dumb are we?
    ie. The year without a summer, 1816.
    Also there wont be a "scatter", there will be a call to open borders and share resources or to arms.
  16. Fairly dumb as a whole; This is just a reflection of everyone's dissimilar interests, as well as a lack of general education in some parts.
    I mean, there will be no hot period disaster nor a cooling for a LONG time if we leave it up to the Earth's cycles. However, for that to happen, the "world" has to repent its use of non renewable energy and sink billions if not trillions into new energy programs and the infrastructure to support em. Not likely - petrol companies, who wield a decent amount of power, sure as hell don't want to put themselves in debt switching over to a new energy source. Just gotta wait on our "market" system and entrepreneurs to open more sources up.
  17. Notice I said NOTHING about global warming.
  18. we refuse to work together, we would much rather fight each other over our differences. We see each others flaws, but can't notice our own.
  19. When that going to happen 1st?
  20. we're too damn stubborn 

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