Why is life worth living?

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  1. If you have to sit around and ask. You arent reallyliving.
  2. We are put on this earth by something (parents yes, but they didn't necessarily pick our soul or conscience)

    And whatever put us here, if anything, didn't put us here to kill ourselves.

    so to some certain extent it is worth living, till we die at least, then we worry about the next step-if there is one at all.
  3. I just want to enjoy my time here, no matter what i do. To much of anything gets to you after a while. So a good balance is key imo no matter what you do.
    But hey if u like to do the same thing all the time that's cool as well...

  4. oh, wow. i have never been placed in any care because i'm very careful about what i tell others in real life. it sounds like you have been through more than i have. i know it will get better, this isn't the first and it won't be the last time i'm suicidal.
    that picture is me, and thank you very much @_@
  5. IS Death is worth dying?
  6. Because we all have to live this game we call life but only pussies take the easy way out. Plus the people who u would leave behind would hate you for doing it so why do it.
  7. For the experience yes. I wish i had the chance to live many lifetimes no matter good or bad. Life is life and experience is experience you'll never know what it's like until you feel it yourself and sadly i'm trapped in this one set reality that my consciousness inhabits. So that's why i live i want to maximize the little time to learn i have, that's my mission. I believe in life after death and i really hope reincarnation is a viable option.
  8. I don't think anyone knows, but we stumble upon certain situations like love where we can't give it up and walk away. We find something important to us, and when we do life becomes worth living. Until that point, it's just going through the motions:confused:
  9. Life is as life does! Living is no less natural than the giant fusion balls that populate the known universe. You have a ridiculous amount of choice, but you are only able to make decisions based off of memories you have developed. If you grew up in a culture that never saw an automobile, you would never desire one. However, if that culture did have something like the train (large fossil fueled transport with limited direction variance) and the bicycle (slow, tedious, limited carrying capacity, but massive maneuverability), you might innovate the idea of an automobile and take action to develop one. We humans have probably the best cognitive abilities out of any living being so far discovered, we are problem solvers and great adaptive survivors.

    On even more of a tangent: Invention is a silly word, we never really originally create something, we merely innovate out of associative memory created by external influence.

    Now what was this thread about? I don't remember, adventure time is on, peace :smoke:

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