Why is life worth living?

Discussion in 'General' started by ytfghmjb, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I guess for the experience. I've thought of death since it wont fuck with the universe in any way, and the process will continue. But idk, i like life from time to time. Right now, im in a rut. I feel like shit. And my life is all sorts of fucked. So i runanway from my problems mostly. Part of the reason is that im in school, when i'd rather not be. Once this semester is finished, and im doing what I want things'll change. I know it. There was this guy, i dont remember his name, but he said there is only one fundemental question in life. Is it worth living? is the game worth the candle? Right now i wanna say fuckkk it, and escape forever.
  2. coronas on the beach, 75 degrees, slight sea breeze, good friends and fine ass women, perfect rolling breakers, and perfectly rolled joints
  3. Everybody else is doing it.
  4. to see what happens i guess. there isn't really a reason to me why it's worth living but it's not worth ending
  5. To accumulate your soul's intelligence? To observe? To love? To spread harmony?
  6. Life is worth living because without life we wouldn't be living.
  7. To witness God's story of this planet.

    and there's probably billions of other planets with other stories to witness.
  8. I live for them good days when i just smile cause im happy to be alive.
  9. For whatever reasons you choose to live for. To learn, to love, to enjoy since it is only so long, whatever you want it to be. I sometimes think how it sucks but then I am reminded how nice it can be so easily, such as driving home during peak fall colors.
  10. Rap, weed, relationships, food, euphoria, and satisfaction of accomplishing my dreams even though I may never before I die, at least I'll try.
  11. Without life I wonder what there would be :eek: :bolt:
  12. Life is Life! Live it! If you die attempting living the best life you can, than who cares? You are the universe, you aren't going no where! You see, there is nothing to lose! Lol. Live it up! lets have a party! lol, im fucking high, and excitteeedd!!! life is right now. Feel that bitch, and go, go ,go goooo!! fucking do whatever you want! laugh, cry, EXPERIENCE. haha ok thats all i got lol. but seriously, if you feel that life is a drag, your not doing it right!

    edit: fuck everything. find a decent job just to get a little money to live off while you follow your passion. your passion; do it. do it now. lol. man, i was in the dumps earlier today, but FUCK!! things changed. idk if it was the work out i got or the weeed, but it is lovely, all of it. Peace amigos.
  13. popped a molly i'm sweatin woop
  14. yesss yess yessss!!! drugs are awesome too! look at all this world has to offer? lets fucking getttt itttttttt

  15. The question isn't "why is life worth living", the question is "why is life not worth living"
  16. I like to get the Daily News.

  17. I feel like there's so much to experience so I continue to live out of curiosity
  18. Weed to smoke, bitches to fuck
  19. Popped an unmentionable, I'm sweatin.:rolleyes:

    I think life is about finding what you love. And god is that a fucking hard thing to do. But when you do find it, pursue it. And don't let anybody get in your fucking way.
  20. I used to have suicidal thoughts. I was placed in emergency care because I told the cops to shoot me (lol). Yea, stupid.. but it woke me up. I never thought I'd get out of the hole that I was in. I was lost, lonely, betrayed, left behind, broke, been in jail, and expelled from university so I was really down in the gutter. You just learn that life has its ups and downs. It will get better. I know that sounds cliche but trust me, there will be a point in your life where you won't be able to thank yourself enough just for pulling through.

    If that picture is you, then you are beautiful.

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