Why is life worth living?

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  1. Good answer
  2. to find the answer to human life you first have to look at the meaning of life from a simple life forms stand point and work your way up to the more complex beings. take bacteria for an example why is it alive, why does it stay alive. it doesnt know its alive (that i know of) and doesnt need to, to stay alive and reproduce. this to me means it lives because it can..the environment is right for it. there is always cause and effect but that does not signify meaning of life imo. it has an effect on other living matter good or bad but it doesnt mean anything to me. now step it up a few notches towards the human race... still has no meaning but certainly has cause and effect which gives us a conscious reason to fight for survival while the environment is right.
  3. friends that make you laugh until you piss yourself, moonbase alpha exists, chocolate, makeup, iced tea, cats, sleeping, first snowfall, thrift store adventures, hand puppets, cool mugs of tea

    i'm actually currently suicidal (lol) and these things sure do help to think about when i question the point of living.
  4. so my reason to live is, BECAUSE I CAN :)
  5. you will only know if it was worth living at the end of your life.

  7. you mean when you're floating in a black abyss because there is no afterlife? sounds GREAT

  8. please feel better. i lost my best friend to suicide. You are worth more then words can explain.

  9. thank you very much. sorry to hear about your loss. i wish words gave me a reason to live, though.
  10. Life is worth living for whatever fucking reason you want it to be. Ain't no one going to assign a value to life for you.
  11. It's not. It's just an appreciation thing
  12. Because this could be as good as it gets.. so enjoy it while you can
  13. Love, even if it's a love for things

    How, even materialisticly?

    Things bring us together, and people are golden.
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    just to let you know, im finished feeling sorry 4 myself and now in the process of moving out my mamas crib

    thanks to everybody for the kind words, lol
  15. Curiosity, to see what the future will bring.

    Kill yourself and you might miss out on humans first contact with aliens, global cannabis legalization, grandchildren, virtual reality, flying cars, final season of your favorite shows, etc.
  16. ^ exactly the what if's keep me here
  17. boats 'n hoes, boats n' hoes, i gotta get me some boats 'n hoes

    and yeah the end all be all answer is love i believe,

    and no not just "true love" or "romantic love" (even though if you can, yeah that) but that "let's get togetherrr and feel all right" love. the understanding that you have to try and appreciate everyone you have flying around on this rock with you (for the most part); mostly try to connect with the people around you. it's about how one idea becomes many and how many ideas can become one of your own as well. be one with life, hence "the force" and "zen buddhism" and things of that nature...my name is kyle and i love all of you and life right now!
  18. It's really not. I stick around because I know people will miss me . Despite the fact I am a very very miserable person.
    Keep on truckin :/
  19. To make money and sex women
  20. Life has no meaning, no point in searching. Life's whatever you perceive it to be.

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