Why is life worth living?

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  1. Dont believe me just watch, *************** happy new year
  2. Life's worth living cause its unbelievably awesome. The notion of being able to do what ever I want is what keeps me thinking. Ahhh the possibilities.

    Tomorrow morning I could wake up, quit my job, and go wrestle crocodiles in Australia, skydive in Thailand, Drink beers with a monkey, race yachts around the Mediterranean, snowboard in the rockies, learn anything I want, basejump off a cliff, see a volcano ect. ect.

    All it would take is me setting my mind to it and thats a really uplifting feeling. The entire world is my playground, and i'll be damned if I cant play in it.
  3. Life's worth living because you just never know what's going to happen. It's the mystery that keeps me going.
  4. Honestly what drives me to live is knowledge and the pursuit of it. I want to know everything i want to know the answers to the hard questions. I know as a human i don't live long enough to learn all that i would need to understand the universe and the spirit and the human brain/body and creatures as a whole. Which is why i reall hope the astral planes and other dimensions are real. That way i would have a shot to learn those things.
  5. My only goal in life is to accomplish something bigger than I ever thought possible.
  6. It has no inherent worth, and that's why it's so beautiful. It is worth whatever you want it to be worth.
  7. Life before Death.
    Strength before Weakness.
    Journey before Destination.

    Sorry just read that in a book but I figured Journey is why we are alive. To have experiences.
  8. whatever you decide for it to be? Mine is to love and feel love. And, when I leave, I hope I have made a lasting impression on those who are still alive that were close to me.. and I hope that impression gets carried on for as long as it can.. seeing my family, my friends, my lovers, strangers.. those are all reasons worth living... to me.
  9. I'd like to open the eyes of others, and bring on some sort of change in how society accepts the bondage their placed in from birth being born in "the land of the free".
  10. Instinct
  11. Probably sleeping.
    No, definitely sleeping
  12. [quote name='"Megacosm"']Probably sleeping.
    No, definitely sleeping[/quote]

    I must admit I love my sleep
  13. It really feels like it isn't sometimes.

    Then I realize I have to keep on truckin. I have no other choice.

  14. Follow the advice above you in times of confusion as to what your purpose is...

  15. Man I've thought of ths more times than you could imagine. I don't know.. I suppose to make a change, to explore, to love, to be loved. It took me a long time but I've learned, life isn't about money or materialistic things. It's about loving others and yourself and doing what makes you happy, anything from watching tv to cliff diving in Zimbabwe. I feel lucky to know this now. I see the greed of humanity around me every day. My family always tells me go to college and be doctor. I ask why. They respons with, "so you can be rich". I just think, I'd rather be a Teacher or something like that. Something where I know I'll be happy, even if times are financially rough, I'll be a at peace.

    TLDR: Do whatever the fuck makes you happy.
  16. I just finished a bowl, and I was JUST thinking about this...I'm kind of high, dude. Yeah...Wow. I need to fix my monitor, because I think it's too bright or something.
  17. If we knew the answer would it be worth the pain and strife?
  18. Well we won't know the answer to this question until we know the meaning of life.
  19. Because why the fuck not. That's why.
  20. The only general answer to why is why not, imo.

    Outside of that life is what you make it. A shitty awkward exercise or an awe inspiring trip.

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