Why is life worth living?

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  1. I wonder that then just yell YOLO and all my problems go away. I don't even know what it means

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  2. really? ur in same situation?

    ive never known a forever alone black guy hahaha
  3. Nah, opposite situation...

  4. of course
  5. Sorry man lol... Back to the topic at hand...
  6. We need to make you a man


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  7. ay baybay

  8. only i can do that

    i may be forever alone but i will admit its mysellf putting me in the situation
  9. If I had more time and energy, I would take you under my wing and fuck you myself.

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  10. sounds like a plan:smoke:
  11. Well that escalated quickly
  12. I guess its just me and ileisha then....
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    <3 does anybody else have any more philosophies
  14. weed 'n' ho's
  15. Honest answer, I believe I'm on earth to make a positive change. To bring happiness, joy and love (not just fucking Faramir) to the world.

    Rid the world of negativity, war, famine and hunger.

    I'm currently taking psychology and later on combining my skills become a naturopath doctor, helping mental illness because I believe that's the root cause of most issues. One of my goals for 2013 is to drastically reduce the amount of people living on the streets in my city, and hopefully opening some eyes. Changing people's lives.

    Life is also about experiencing. We only live for maximum 100 years, to gain and apply knowledge before we die is one of the most important things or else our life would be useless.

    I want to travel the world, another goal for 2013 is to backpack through Australia, then maybe Europe.

    Also a lot of sex.

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  16. Yes!!! Somebody with a head on their shoulders *thumbs up* i would rep but i'm on my phone
  17. Think of the best possible reality that you can and live it out becuz liffe is what you make it.

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