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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. when im here i get hungry for savory style foods?

    i usuly only crave savory food when im stoned and yet im here not stoned and wanting savory crisp type food. hmmmm you ppl send my stoned karma dont you?!
  2. I think....you have cancer!

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  3. try to keep on topic..... cancer no....

    a taste for yummy food yes.... who knows..... but obviously a dr. knows whats good...:D so chow down friend....

  4. ok,so l went and got some salarmi sticks and tasty cheese ,lol. So ya feel better now ??? and while l,am up l may as well have a few bongs,p.s. stand real close and l,ll blow the smoke at ya :D
  5. hey hey! erm, i forgot what i was gonna say but im hungry again now i read this lol, but i'm gonna have me a few bowls in a bit too :p
  6. everyone sane knows that savoury food is the best!!!!

    give me a bag of doritos or a nice bowl of chilli con carne over sweets any day.

    but then...... after i've eaten savoury food... i always want something sweet... you know.. to finish it off.
  7. i dont usuly wanna finish off savory with sweet if i eat a choc bar or summit i gotta have some pringles or sumting!

  8. i don't know about salmon in specific.... but most men love fish...:D
  9. i don't like fish.

    tuna and cod are ok. but given the choice i'd eat somethin else.

    CHICKEN!!!! it's the best. chicken goes with anything. with curry. with tomato sauce.. with bbq sauce. with mayo. chicken is even nice with Maple Syrup

    i went to this restaurant called Old Orleans and they did this chicken in a kind of sweet/savory maple syrup.... mm.... yum
  10. sweet food can be sweet, but i savour savory food.

    and yes, chicken is the food powerhouse. recipe for a good meal:

    Preheat oven to 450
    Get an ingredient of your choice (wet: ie. bbq sauce)
    Another ingredient (dry: ie. garlic)
    Chicken (breast, wing, beak, anything!!)

    Put chicken in casserole dish, top with ingredient 1, then add ingredient 2, put in the oven for 25 minutes. half way through, add some more of ingredient 1.

    and there you go, excellent everytime, whatever you use.
  11. mmmm foood.

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