why is it wrong to have sex with family member

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by tokeallday, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. It's just inherently disturbing...sometimes that's reason enough. 

  2. One sick son of a bitch

    buds, bitches and bandos :)
  3. Because it's just fucked up

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  4. I say trolling for posts... hot topic tho haha

    buds, bitches and bandos :)
  5. I will tell you that haha. Not once have I purposely thought about sex with a member of my family.
  6. Like how you threw that 'purposely' in there.. lol
    Tokin' all day might not be so good for you.
  8. 😂

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  9. if it was real everyone would be mutants

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  10. I'd fuck my cousin who I've never met and models in Sweden.

  11. Well technically, op said have "sex" with a family member. All of you guys are talking as if he gets her pregnant. Condoms exist for a reason, guys. Everyone knows about the defects, but she has to get pregnant first.

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  12. little richard had.

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  13. It is frowned upon in society because it is kin. Also,, inbred children, yes.

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    Like Trippnqq says, society dont like that. FUCK SOCIETY!!:angry:

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