why is it wrong to have sex with family member

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  1. open your mind to incest? really? That's not "opening your mind" that is just plain wrong. It's a scientific fact that inbred children have a way higher chance of birth defects. WAY higher. Obviously if the offspring produced from incest aren't normal, the activity itself isn't either
  2. Would you fuck your mom ? No
    Would you fuck out grandma ? No
    If you say yes. Then you are weird as fuck.
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    it's just immoral
    if you see your family as objects of sexual interest you probably weren't loved enough growing up lmao
  4. Humans are genetically hardwired not to see their family as a potential mate because inbreeding reduces the diversity in DNA and makes the child far more likely to develop a deformity or mental illness.
  5. Lol "open your legs for incest"
  6. If i was attracted to a family member then itd be great. You already know them so the love would be so strong. Unfortunatly i'm not.

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  7. I'll admit that some of my cousins are really attractive, and if I wasn't related to them I would probably try to have sex with them, as fucked up as that sounds. Having sex with a family member can have more repercussions than birth defects, what if one of your other family members finds out? You know how much drama and problems that is going to cause, I know I wouldn't want all that, it's just not worth it, even if they're related by marriage.
  8. He has had three babies with his gramma in just two years...
  9. In his country this is considered a ... GREAT SUCCESS!!
  10. I wish minion preacher were here
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    Everybody loves their scientific facts:

    Well it's a fact that when a girl reaches menstruation she's ready for child-birth...... Whether she be nine or eleven as long as she's menstruating she's ready... Is she not??

    Edit: of course she's not, some shit is just wrong no matter which way you look at it, same goes for incest that is so wrong.
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  13. What the fuck :blink:

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  14. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!  :smoking:  :smoking:  :smoking:
  15. what the f*k man.... just no

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  16. I think OP has a really hot cousin/sister and wants to bang, or is a really good troll.
    If the latter, 7/10 made me reply.
  17. lol, don't tell me you've never thought about a family member in a sexual way
  18. Because biology is all about diversity and having sex with someone that has your same genes doesn't contribute to that.
  19. Since when?

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