why is it wrong to have sex with family member

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  1. just think about it for a second, wipe your mind clean of all beliefs, stereotypes, social values, morals everything youve learnt, and tell me, what is actually wrong with having sex with a family member? what is the real difference between having sex with a family member and sex with an ordinary woman apart from having the same blood? is it just a human  moral that it is 'bad' to have intercourse with a relative.. im sure there are some animals where it is their way of re-producing? idk just a weird thought i might be being dumb right here but im pretty high so ya, peace

  2. inbred children can have a wide range of birth defects. 
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    ...Just no. 
  4. op's future children.
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    op, cant wipe your mind of science. you wanna spread the genes apart. you're likely scraping the bottom of the gene pool as it is, so don't be surprised if you're children come out worse off than you :bongin:
  6. there you go, i guess that's the main scientific reason. and fuck off the rest of you.
    peace. :smoke:
  7. I mean if you're ok with having a family of disfigured, mentally ill children that will only live to 25 years of age, go for it man
  8. I wouldn't be interested in sex with an immediate family member, because the thought of it repulses me, but there's nothing really wrong with adult family members having sex with each other, as long as they do not create children.    Cousins are a different story, if it wasn't for cousins getting married in the world, most of us would not be here because this was very, very prevalent throughout human history, and is still very widespread in many cultures and nations.  
    public education system has gotten so bad, this is what we have...
  10. I'd do it but i'm a dirty motha fucka
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    Probably the fact that inbreeding can cause a lot of problems. I mean, pretty sure though it takes like generations of inbreeding for defects and deformities like the picture above to start occurring. 
  12. It's not just wrong morally as everyone has said it had some pretty nasty results. I think it's just common sense that if you put your dick in something and most of the time a retarded something comes out, it's a sign you shouldn't do it.
  13. It's pretty much a natural rule that got carried over into laws of man..
    Just like the Goldilocks zone with planets, and the electromagnetic spectrum with light, and pretty much anything that has variables, there is often a sweet spot. Not too close, and not too far away. It's the same with DNA. Too close and you'll have problems, too far apart and you'll have problems, then there's the sweet spot in the middle. It's almost like it's part of the code of DNA, to go and spread your seed for maximum variety rather than keeping it in a lump.
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  15. judging by pretty much all of the answers in this thread i guess you really dont know the meaning of being open minded, and didnt take my advice on dumping all beliefs and morals before going into thought on the question. obviously the human consensus is that it is not right, and most people just arent physically attracted to their family members, there are other animals that breed incestly, humans ARE animals and if you were to go back to the beginning of human existence when the self awareness was fairly low, if you recognised that other animals breeded with family members, you might have thought that to be the best option.
    True inbred children have a higher chance of being more defected than your average child. 
    But seriously I see nothing wrong with it if it suits the two consenting people. I mean, i like to study tribes and indigenous people, quite often they all just fuck each other. Grandpa fucks grandaughter, brother fucks sister, mother fucks son, they all have babies and have no idea who the baby belongs to and they all just look after it. Then the baby will fuck their fam once they get older.
    It all seems to be rather harmonious..  Personally though I wouldn't be able to look my sister in the eye after boning her. Boned my cousin though, and I'd bone her again.
    There really aren't many other animals that engage in incest.. Most animals that can successfully inbred today are able to do so because their population got bottle necked and they had to inbreed to survive as a species. Once they got bottle necked, the variety in their gene pool got cut dramatically. Once that happens, incest isn't as big as a problem for them as there isn't a lot of variety of genes to get messed up. Once their genetic variety builds back up, if ever, incest will be an issue.. and we as humans have a good bit a genetic variety. Most animals actively/passively seek out other animals that aren't of close relation.
    I kind of agree with you in terms of close family not being that much different than other people in general, but it's all in the genes. Our DNA is the reason why incest isn't good for our species.. and even if we got bottle necked for some reason, the bottle neck would have to last many many many generations until we could get over the hump of our vast genetic variety and inbreeding.
  18. fo'real yo? hahahaha
  19. So a family walk into a casting audition...

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