Why is it welting like so??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cheifalot, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. whats wrong???:confused:

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  2. Someone help me?
  3. what did you do to that poor thing? cut the head off with an axe?:p
    well look's pretty dry in that soil...
    what's your temp?
    lighting and how far away?
    soil type?
  4. and what soil is that?
  5. its soil from the local plant nursery.
  6. Any info on it? What's it's made up of, nutes (time release?) etc?

    That aside, let's begin troubleshooting before we get ahead of ourselves. As with ANY plant issue,...we start at ph. What is the ph of your runoff?

    as to the basketball,...I don't see any damage. (below)
  7. And my friend had a basketball and was throwing it up in the air while i wasnt in the room and it hit it and snapped it in half which was a big disappiontment but if theres anyway anyone could help now knowing this info could they help.
  8. how do you check ph levels of runoff im a newb at this
  9. I've heard of the F&*% I MIssed technique...

    this topping is more of the OH F*&^ technique ;)
  10. ok, here is the best, most important piece of advice I can give to a new grower. Buy a good ph pen. I use the Oakton ecotestr2. Excellent tool and simple to use. How are you balancing your water you add to the plants? Is it straight tap water? Tap water generally comes out between 7.4 and 8.4 Your plant wants 6.5. EVERYTHING that goes into the pot needs to be ph balanced.

    When you begin the nute regimen, a pen is mandatory. When you add nutes to the water, it drops the ph into the 4's. That needs to be adjusted back to 6.5 before adding it into the pot or you will have "Ph Lockout" within a few weeks and a dead plant a few weeks after that.

    Nothjing about this is cheap in the beginning. Lots of mandatory, important things need to be bought. This is why I advise any new grower to really do the homework. ;)

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