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Why is it so wet and sticky?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HuntaWabbit!, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. haha lol. not like that perverts. I just picked up supposed dank for 40 an eighth. The guy says its silver haze but regardless i want to know what you guys think. this is my first pickup that looks yummy and fluffy, all the other stuff ive gotten has been compacted and dry... now heres the question. Why is this weed so damp and sticky feeling? should i let it dry out some before i smoke or is that just how quality weed is? It also smells very grassy and garden-like.

    heres pics.

  2. that buds too fresh.

    it still should smoke but it wont burn that good.
  3. looks like high mids, dealers make up shit to get you to want to buy it. yeah its looks like it wasnt dried proper and he didnt cut off most of the trim. how does it smell?
  4. these guys are rightish.

    its good weed looks to me.

    it just hasnt been dried and cured properly.

    a few days in a glass airtight jar should fix it up nicely.

  5. In response to thread title: That's what she said...

    But yeah, looks like some decent herb. Smoke it up.
  6. Didn't cure properly. It looks dripping...
    Dry it up some. Looks fine, but I doubt it's Silver Haze.
  7. yea dry this weed some days and smoke it, im not sure I would pay another 40$ for this batch...but its decent weed, not POWER DANK but yea...
  8. it will still smoke just not asss good and it might taste a lil funny but hell man blaze up.
  9. well i have it in the dark drying for now, and i grinded up a little bowls worth and im letting that dry out too (figured if it were broken up it would dry faster) and im gonna try it out in a bit.

    it just smells like fresh cut wet grass.
  10. well guys the smoke report sucks. not good really at all. i just smoked a bowl and im not feeling much at all. :/ reggies even fuck me up
  11. it's also very leafy, it doesn't look dense at all, the bud almost looks like they didn't even attempt to dry/cure it... on a dealers point of view though wet weed is much more profit cuz wet=weight and weight=money if a dealer can get weed at a discount because its not dried and sells it for normal price he can make a lot of money.
  12. Even though you might wanna just blaze that up it will be worth it to cure it a bit so its not so wet. I had some nice looking outdoor that was a bit to wet and after I cured it the buds had a lot more trichomes on them.
  13. the stickier the better sir :D
  14. hmmm, or he could leave it in the open so it actually dries.:D
  15. exactly, and prevents mold.

    that bud looks like its still wet as hell.

  16. hahahaha thats what i was thinking
    i was expected a thread about some vagina :hello:

    but yea either someone wet that bud
    or it was never properly dried

    you should be able to dry it yourself possibly losing a little bit of quality
    but it shood be smokable

    just look out for mold and mildew
  17. yeah its so fresh/wet that the stems are basically green and healthy like a living plant. i can tell a little improvement now that it has dried out some overnight but it still looks like it needs a couple more days
  18. lol, did he pick that straight from the plant?

    looks like it can be some good weed but not until its cured/dried
  19. Saw the title and must say THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!
    :)i lol'd
  20. OKAY GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS BULLSHIT. this shit CANNOT be weed. ive somked three bowls now and i have had no effects from it AT ALL. i get the impression that this is either fake or it has been iso-hashed. i have a pretty low tolerance and this stuff does NOTHING. i call the guy up and he fucking acts like someone else to prevent him from having to deal with me. im pretty well pissed right now and im not sure what i should do.

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