Why is it so hard to get that Your and You're are different?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BongBreaker6, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. This really fucking annoys me.
    Your and You're are not the same word and do not have the same meaning. It drives me insane that anyone older than 8 doesn't know this fucking incredibly simple rule.

    Same goes for the morons who say "Could of" instead of "Could have/Could've", those who don't understand there/their/they're, where/were/we're and lose/loose.

    These are such fucking simple elementary school lessons that it pisses me off how people can be so stupid that their education ended at age 8.

  2. They're literally a letter apart and you don't understand why people confuse the two words?

  3. No, they're a letter AND an apostrophe apart. Besides, whenever I see the word "your" when it should be you're, the sentence doesn't even read right to me.
  4. So are fart and cart...dog and fog...cat and mat...mat and mate.

    That's your excuse?
    We're talking about elementary school lessons here. I'm not complaining that people can't spell psychiatric or something.

    "Your stupid" is one of the most common things people say on these message boards...and it's actually saying "I'm a fucking moron" because you're unable to understand that you've changed the meaning.
  5. People who get worked up over an anonymous stranger's grammatical errors on an internet forum fucking annoys me.

  6. Fuckin grammar police...no clue why your all raging over something so trivial.

  7. Lol. Because most people I guess don't think about what they're typing, because they are thinking more about what they are typing. Make sense? :cool:
  8. it is the internet, lighten up. If someone handed me a report with errors like that in there yes I too would be pissed. but on the webs? there are tons of more annoying things on the net. Take this for example "/thread" ??backslash thread?? what the fuck does that even mean? but we all know what it represents.

    even you did it and the end of your rant.
  9. Ur so funy ho w u geet maad abuot poinless shat. Srsly :D
  10. ^tru sheet, i cnt stnd whn ppl dnt spel corecteleyyy on da netttt.
  11. it comes from html coding. in html if you wanted to make something bold, you would surround it with this: <bold>your words</bold>. the "/bold" means that you are done bolding words.
  12. i'll remember that for the next paper we turn in. teach we got class tomorrow?
  13. I know the difference and on your youre I catch myself just putting your sometimes.... usually in text I just say ur ... I notice it too... you forgot to mention to/too

    Some people don't have the best language skills though.. doesn't mean they are stupid just means language skills aren't their strong point. Like my son.. he's 8, has language disabilities, can't read as well as his 6 year old brother.. I'm sure some of this stuff he will struggle with when he gets older.. wouldn't want people to be mean to him about it though.
  14. Shit like this is a sign of the decline of the written language though.
    To me, it shows a lack of care and it's more and more common amongst Americans now that they've become this impatient bunch of retards.

    I'm not talking about spelling errors here, I'm talking about completely changing the meaning of what you're typing by not knowing a simple fucking rule.

    After all, it's the same if I wrote the following "I am the smartest person alive" but instead of saying "I am" (you're) I said "My" (your) so my sentence would read "My the smartest person alive". What the fuck does that mean? Oh yeah, it means nothing because it's the wrong fucking word.

    And could of instead of could've is even stupider. It's the same # of characters and yet these idiots don't realize that they're saying something in complete gibberish.

    I want to have intellectual debates with people, but it's hard to take someone's opinion seriously when they're unable to grasp a concept from elementary school. If they can't understand the difference between your and you're, how can we expect them to be able to formulate an intelligent opinion on a subject?
  15. well aware of the origins. I actually work with code all day long. I understand the whole text shit, but how do you make a thread complaining about grammatical errors then use half of html coding at the end of your rant. I was trying to point out the hypocrisy of his/her post.
  16. The only one that annoys me is lose/loose. People just use loose all the time it's sad really.
  17. As long as I can read it and understand it, I'm fine. Just chill out haha.
  18. Yeah, it doesn't piss me off. It just lets me know the person is pretty stupid. Lose/Loose is the absolute worst though. They're still hukt on fonix.
  19. I don't really care for spelling errors and all that. As long as I understand what you are conveying (or what you're trying to convey) we're cool.

    Now when people type like "I g0t thr33 d!meb@gs 8rah" that right there pisses me off to no end.

    Also, the grammar elitist tend to piss me off. They'll write an essay about how someone can't spell, but when they make a mistake themselves it's always blamed as a "Typo" :rolleyes:
  20. I always fuck up with there/their/they're

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