Why is it so hard to find a job?

Discussion in 'General' started by Delluhsion, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Like seriously, I've been to every fast food place and grocery store in my neighborhood and filled out many applications online and still have not gotten a job. Im about to go door-to-door for babysitting/pet walking because this is ridiculous!
  2. Overpopulated
  3. This sucks though, I really need income I feel like a loser dwelling off my mom. I mean yeah, I help around the house. Cleaning dishes, cleaning my cat's litter box, taking out garbage etc. But im sick of being a mooch :(
  4. I'm in the same boat as you man, shit sucks. I'm 21 and all the jobs I've had were food related and I can't even get a callback from all the fast food joints down the street. I'm hoping I'll start getting some soon though with kids going back to school.
  5. Well you're a stoner. That's why. No disrespect, but come to Vancouver island and see the future of obedient kids prime for the workforce. The myth that Vancouver is the bud capital is nonsense and the attitude is apathetic but there is a gate around the nice houses.
  6. No on is hiring any more, because jobs are being cut, and those that get to stay or want to stay have all the shifts/jobs. Plus with this economy still not being all that good no one wants to have more staff, especially new ones.
    I'm lucky enough to have stuck with my job for a long enough period to not get fired/let go unless I acts tried
    Just keep searching man, some where, there is a job. Just don't give up
    Maybe try volunteering at a place you want to work for a while, that most definitely will get you a job after a little of that!
  7. Why can't life be a movie, where everybody has a cousin or uncle who owns a chain of stores who'll gladly higher you just for being family =/

  8. That's how my life is. Giant italian family
  9. Ive been looking for almost a year now, but where i live was hit really bad by the recession
  10. Just applied to five different mcdonalds in my area. If one of them doesn't call me soon I give up. I've applied to every place I can think of.

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