Why is it so difficult to understand? [Religion]

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  1. Hey guys

    Hope nobody pulls this thread down, considering there's a Question for the atheists thread right below me.

    What I don't understand is how you can question our DISbelief.
    I only dismiss one more religion than you do, and you dismiss every other religion out there with no thought about it whatsoever.

    How hard is it to accept the fact that I am dismissing 1,000 religions and you are dismissing 999??

    That is all
  2. yea but one group believes in SOMETHING and the other doesnt believe in ANYTHING, its not about the math
  3. So what is it about then?
  4. Most religions are not tolerant - it is either their particular type of believe - or none (other).

    That's what makes it so difficult and often impossible to understand and tolerate each other.
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    You make it sound so black and white, there is a lot more to it than you are saying and trying to make it out as.

    I am a believer in god, flame me all you want but I am and this will not change.

    Do I believe everything the bible says or everything some preacher says? Absolutely not.

    To me my belief in god is my own view of god, I keep my beliefs between myself and my god. My god does not have to be the christan god, or any other god. He is my god and that is how I view it.

    I do not conform to any Religion because what happens between god and I, is my personal experience, not the experience of a church or a book.

    It is my own spirituality.

    my spiritual connection between myself and a higher being is my own connection not to be shared with any church, book or person.

    Edit: That sounded pretty out there but my point is just because you think there is a god does not mean you are some crazy church going, preacher loving, book following drone.

    For a lot of people religion is a personal feeling and an acceptance of your own spirituality

    There is a big difference between not believing in a religion and not believing in a god.
  6. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your relationship with your god? Surely your own god must have some characteristics, some guidelines or even a general morality that needs to be followed. If not, than your just basically summing up how everything you want to be right to a higher being.

    Do you pray to him? Is there anything you think he would consider 'wrong/right' in your eyes?

    I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a dick but, why can't you just have that spiritual connection with yourself? I just can't understand creating in your mind, your own god, how you view god, isn't the purpose of god to be a leader, to guide you in life?

    You just sound like your creating your own personal agent in your head. Your own 'being' how you want it. You want comfort I assume, but doesn't it really nullify everything if you create your own rules about your own god who presumably created you?

    Aren't you essentially just being introspective about your own spirituality and connection to nature?
  7. The Church has done very well in the media convincing everyone that Christianity is a religion, while everything else is just a crazy cult.

    Shit, the Pope talks shit about Islam/Judaism OPENLY!

    The Catholic Church is the wealthiest organization in the world, what do you think they do with all the money? Give it to Jesus?
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    Do you pray to him? Is there anything you think he would consider 'wrong/right' in your eyes?

    Sometimes, and yes.

    why can't you just have that spiritual connection with yourself? I just can't understand creating in your mind, your own god, how you view god, isn't the purpose of god to be a leader, to guide you in life?

    Because to me, that connection is with a supreme being. Something you won't understand if you are an atheist.

    Creating in my mind? That sounds a bit offensive to be honest, To me I did not create anything it is just my belief, and by my god I mean my sole connection with god is not a universal connection like many think meaning I do not need to go to church and share my views with the world. What happens between god and myself is my personal experiance and not a shared belief. I view god as I feel he should be viewed like I said it is an acceptance of spirituality that you just do not understand, To lead and guide my life? Somewhat but not totally, I decide my life and he watches from the sidelines, god is more of a friend to me than a parent. Someone to trust and be loyal to, with out having to obey every rule.

    I also don't follow Religions because people are to corrupt and evil to ever produce something truthful and honest. However god, yea I think hes up there somewhere.
  9. I didn't mean creating in your mind, although essentially thats what you told me when you said it's your own version of god, he is your god and acts like your god as well.

    It just boggles my mind.

    That, my friend, is your inner conscience and spirituality. That's YOU. You even said
    To me my belief in god is my own view of god
    It's YOUR beliefs, It's YOUR guidance.
    You already have a beautiful life on this earth, physically and spiritually, you don't need to bring somebody else higher than you into the equation.
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    You just don't understand, I'm not going to waste time trying to explain my spirituality to someone who is unwilling and unable to try and understand.

    You make it sound as it is impossible to believe in god with out having full faith in a religion or bible.

    People created the bible, and religion. Not a higher being. You seem to think there are some boundaries set by man that I must follow.

    Religion is just a method of believing, not my method however.
  11. Yeah, organized religion is totally ridiculous.

    That being said, I believe in a god, but I'm not sure I believe God has a big white beard and sits on a throne, I get off, spiritually, on just like, sunlight from trees, God could be that, you know?

    HA HA HA. That was a joke.

    I just wanted to say how incredibly incongruous it is to reject religion and the "organized" concept of a god, with it's unfounded assertations and mind-bogglingly improbable contentions, but to create a "personal deity", and act as though it is based on more solid or provable information than the christian god.

    All gods are of equal fantasy footing. Your made up god is just as non-existent as the made up Christian god.

  12. Maybe his god is like my god. My god isn't some spiritual godfather that tells me how to live my life or tell me whats right or wrong. Ive always been the type of person to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Some people need guidance in how to live their lives but some of the bright and compassionate people in this world can live their lives as good people without a god governing their morality.

    It doesnt nullify everything. Ever heard in Karma? As Sublime said "It comes back to you you're gonna get what you deserve, try and test that? your bound to get served." I believe in karma, not necessarily karma that shows immediate direct effects but Ive noticed that my life has started to seem brighter every day just by being a good person.

    Look, I dont know if the feeling I get when I do soul searching is this God you speak of. I consider it more of my own personal faith. I think that all life is interconnected and while religion is flawed; religion has been around since the dawn of man. I think that deep down some people feel a connection to a higher being but dont necessarily agree with any particular religion.

    An atheist of all people should understand the importance of religious freedom. Why do you try to impose the existance of nothing on other people who agree that religion is flawed and that no ones beliefs should be wrong? Its when you start to question other people's beliefs to try to change them is when you become just as bad as organized religions.
  13. I think this arises largely from the fact that members of many organized religions believe it is a part of their duty to convert others to the religion. Like this example:
    In a case like this it becomes not a matter of how many religions are dismissed, but an essential part of their faith. I don't believe this is right either, but it gives some explanation as to why so many have such a difficult time accepting other people's lack of faith.
  14. I believe in things.

    I believe in people.

    But god? What's God but a way to avoid answering the really difficult questions?
  15. there are different ways of believing in God. i may not think that there is an old bearded man sitting on a cloud looking down on us, rewarding "good" people and punishing "bad" people... but i like to believe that there is more to religion than just bullshit (although theres more than enough of that).
    but neither of us know who or what God is, and neither of us know whether God exists or not. so the only thing atheists can debate with theists is the nature of God described by theists. and still, for all we know theists could be 100% right
  16. this thread is making it seem like if you are religious you are anti atheists but thats not true. Anyone can believe what they want, ya know? its whatever makes you happy i guess.
    But also its not like atheists dont believe in anything, they believe in science, and the facts. so everyone believes in something
  17. I don't necessarily think this is true.

    The core of the theological debate between theists and non-theists revolves around existence (or non-existence) and a series of proofs.

    The disparities in debate occur when the validity or authenticity of claims for proof are held to different standards, namely a scientific standard and a "what I'd like to believe is true" standard. I think you can deduce who employs which standard.

    And you are correct, we can never know for certain that god/s does/do not exist, but the evidence is not in favor of theology, nor any other form of supernatural occurence.

    Science has done an impressively thorough job at putting God out of work. If there is a god, he is no more than the 18th century branding Deus Otiosus, or "God at leisure, unemployed, unimportant".

    So the real question is, if there is a god, why does he even bother to exist?
  18. I hate to argue semantical etymology, but atheists do not "believe" in facts or science. You "believe" in God, or the tooth fairy, or you "believe" your car is right where you parked it. Little does the believer know, God may not exist, the tooth fairy is just as probable as deities, and someone may have stolen their car with their knowledge.

    Facts and scientific proofs are not a matter of belief. They are a matter of truth, and while you can choose not to believe in them, you cannot choose to believe, as acknowledging the truth is not a matter of belief.

    And of course, I know you didn't mean anything by it, I just had to be "that guy". lol

  19. Very, very well said sir. +rep

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