Why is it like this?

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  1. Why is that when you call a female "bitch" they automatically respond but when you call them beautiful or compliment them they just ignore you?

    (actually think about it before you start sucking on your teeth and shit)
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    Some people feed off of negativity, its like a jumpstart for em to become rude and negative and go willd.

    Ive know some girls who felt manipulated when called attractive and instantly thought the guy was trying to do unsavory things...



    Maybe I'm fuckin odd but I can compliment and notice a woman is attractive without instantly thinking of sexual stuff. Now if your really cool and sexy as fuck...well...duh it eventually happens :eek:
  3. They like being treated like dirt, how caveman did it and biologically how the brain works.

    If caveman didn't like the cavewoman he probably left her ass, forcing her to smarten up?

    They probably respond to negative ways only.
  4. Of course most modern men are softies, why there is so much issues.

    Cosmopolitan type crap is ruining it for the both sexes.
  5. i honestly thought i was gonna get negative feedback. but these are all logical explanations as to why its like that now-a-days.
    it's like a female is put down they have to prove how they are pretty or whatever. but when they are complimented they probably feel unattractive and probably just think they guy is trying to get laid. Sad but true.
  6. i suppose they see through that shit cause they know that horny testosterone bombs think of compliments as some kind of magic-pantie-dissapearing phrase they think girls fall for.. nobody gets hurt from a compliment, but for most part the intention is pretty clear.

    as for the bitch part: few people like being condescended - even fewer can turn the other cheek. if i called you a cocksucking goat rapist, wouldnt you react?
  7. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']They like being treated like dirt, how caveman did it and biologically how the brain works.

    If caveman didn't like the cavewoman he probably left her ass, forcing her to smarten up?

    They probably respond to negative ways only.[/quote]

    You got that right! Look around at how many young girls date losers who don't even work! These bums somehow get young girls to support them, the girls don't care that they're being used, they stay with them even when the bum gets drunk, picks up a tweeker chic and drives the girls brand new car into a lake with some skanky crank whore in the car, a car the girls father just bought for her.
    What the hell do these girls see in those absolute bums? How can any guy live with himself while scamming naive girls into thinking he's a good guy! I'd like to drop a brand new, lake water filled car right on one of these bums little penis!
  8. haha na i would just laugh like i am now :smoke:
    its ok if people call me crazy made -up shit. i know i'm a proud smoker who actually gives beautiful women compliments and no expect anything in return. I'm an asshole almost everyday. But when it comes to women, i have to be a gentleman, its a natural occurence. I love being nice to females whether its gonna get me laid or not.

    Fuck yeah man, i say we go beat the living shits out of the piece of shit and show their girl how it is to be with a real man, cause those guys are just big fucking babies in men's clothing. It should be another wonder in the world as to why these losers get the females that greatly deserve better. I love me a beautiful independent woman who doesn't give in easily. Keepin it classy.
    Those women are beautiful for not only their looks but their personalities as well.
  9. Yeah but a lot of other women respond better to compliments rather than calling them a bitch.

    It's a demographic thing, I suppose...Only the women you say respond to being called a bitch account for far less than 1% of the entire demographic.:cool:
  10. youre hanging around the wrong type of girls, psychologhy today had an article a year or so ago where they talked about the two sides of women, when they are trying to get pregnant, and when they are not. when they are not, they want the nice guy, when they are they want the dick that will just knock them up.
  11. sucking teeth?????
  12. another way of snickering and thinking it's completely wrong. ha
  13. Girls tend to want more than a compliment. You're not the first guy to say that to her either. Who knows, she could be shy and self concious about her looks and doesn't know how to respond well or just plain shy. Maybe she took it the wrong way, maybe how you said it, the situation implied something else to her... alot of variables here. But one things for sure is no one likes bbeing called rude or insulting names.
  14. If a dude called me a bitch I'd just flip him off and walk away.

    If he complimented me it had better be something to get my attention.
  15. You gotta just talk to the right girls, but more importantly

    Talk more realistically to them, no need to calling one both beautiful/bitch, its not going to go well with that clever combo... sheesh
  16. in reality i don't call them bitch or beautiful, i use words just as pretty or nice. also when i use the word "bitch" it doesn't automatically mean female (well in this case it does). I call guys bitches too for 1) they are worse than females at times 2) they are just complaining about every little thing.

    If i think a female is beautiful i get to know them first before complimenting. Same thing goes for insulting, i wouldn't insult them if i didn't know them. If i use either word it's cause they are either comfortable with it or just know the straight up truth.

    Honestly this post wasn't about me, but the idea came from how many people would bring it up and i never knew how to give a straight answer and thanks to you guys, now i know. :smoke: sparking this one up you for you all.
  17. yea man I feel ya.

    deffinatly gotta get to know em before you start throwing mad complimants/insults like that, haha I have friends like that.

    I have some friends that hit on chicks with nothing but complimants straight out the gate

    And other pals I know have this thing we have coind this phrase for them called "bragger swag"


    So full of themselves when chicks are around. like all of their oldest "cool" stories about lots of ganja and shit always resurface, how much they are awesome, etc.., it just never ends.. easy to notice when the chicks are like..WTF MY EARS BLEED... it is hysterical ;)

    anyways real shit, we will never understand girls. they are dumb in which ways we don't understand and VICE VERSA.

    we are wired to not know WTF is going on in the dome cap (your BRAIN) haha :smoke:

    good evening blades,
  18. Hmm.. As I type this I'm trying to apply this to my everyday life. Usually when I get compliments I shrug it off because I don't believe it's true. However, if you were to call me a bitch I'd want to know why. If you cant give me a reasonable answer I'll just act like a "bitch" and tell you off.
  19. Holy shit, girls are so hard to please.

    If I get one compliment per day I feel like I am on top of the world.

    If you get called a bitch, it is because you most likely are one, and anything you have to say after the fact does not change that you are a bitch, it mostly compounds your bitchiness with obnoxiousness.

    Which is QUITE obnoxious frankly : p

    If you get called a bitch respond with: "Why am I a bitch in your humble opinion?"
    If you get a compliment respond with: "Thank you!"
  20. [quote name='"GirlyS"']If a dude called me a bitch I'd just flip him off and walk away.

    If he complimented me it had better be something to get my attention.[/quote]

    What's wrong with a "you look nice today" from a friendly guy?

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