Why is it doing this?

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  1. 5 week old PH is 6.8. Put some very diluted orgainic mircale grow sh** and it started to taco. Have no hydroponics stores around here so tried to do with what I could find. FLush it 2 days ago and still looks the same. Its under 400watt HPS. Any ideas on what to do now?

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  2. What soil are you using? I try to water my plants with pH 5.5 - 6.0 water(after mixing nutes).
  3. Some of that crap that feeds up to 6 months.. I no its not recommended to use that stuff but it's all I got now.. Been doin fine for 5 weeks and now it's f'n up.. Maybe the light was to close?
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    Yes. Take it out from under the bright light and re-take the photo.

    It's pretty hard to see anything past the stripes.

    Also, the pH is a bit high. Aim for 6.5 in soil.

    And, of course, dump the Miracle Grow.

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