Why is it budding?

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  1. I have 5 plants out side. They are all doing good. One of them had some light burn and its growth was stunted. Now it is finally forming new growth but it is budding already. None of the other plants are even showing pre flowers. It is about 3 weeks old(same as the rest of the plants.) The strain is Gods bud and its not an auto flower. Any ideas on why it is budding already? I am in Southern California and this is a legal medical grow. Any thoughts are welcomed.
  2. 19 veiws and no one has any thoughts? I am growing in Coco and using FloraNova grow. Come on people give me some thoughts.
  3. It might be because the 14/10 light schedual and the stressed one has responded by flowering.. i have 5 plants..outdoor romulan kush,in pots, been growing since march and 3 began to flower a couple of weeks ago.. they might continue to flower into August or return to vegg,, who knows unless you decide to bud them indoors.. i might.. i have plants in vegg too with no preflowers at all and theyre around the same age..same strain,,guessing the light
  4. I would agree, that plant probably flipped into budding due to the light schedule and being stressed. It will probably try to flip back into veg outside since the days are still getting longer, which means it is going to waste a lot of energy from switching back and forth between cycles. It probably won't get as big as your other ones which have not had to flip back & forth.

    You could do as BigRube said and take it inside and let it keep budding. That would keep it from having to flip back to veg and then again back to bud later, but the plant will be smaller than if you let it grow outside for the season.
  5. Another option is to let the plant go back into veg. The plant will think it's actually gone to winter, and enter rejuvenation, producing single shoot leaves in all directions, similar to budding, but with very long leaf stems. You'll see asymmetrical growth from all sides, and extremely dense branching of thinner shoots.

    Rejuvenation can last a long time, even in 24hr light, so you may not have much luck if you've got a shorter growing season.

    This method is actually sought after by some for producing extremely bushy plants, often used on mother plants to produce more clones.

    Eventually, your plant will return to vegetative state and can actually out-perform your other plants if the timing's right. You'll notice the 3-finger leaves begin to grow, this is a sign you've re-entered veg.

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