Why is iphone spelled like..

Discussion in 'General' started by goodseasons, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Why is iphone spelled like iPhone? Shouldn't it be Iphone, or iphone?
  2. RIP Steve Jobs
  3. to make it look fancy so all the sheeple have to buy it
  4. From what I've heard, on the original iMacs it stood for "internet." The computers were supposed to be easier to set up for internet access than other computers on the market at the time. Now it's more or less just Apple's branding.
  5. Its like why isn't facebook not capitalized but in the tab it is
  6. It's trendy for the hipsters lol.
  7. why not eyefone ?
  8. to make it look hip and fancy

    be more upset that it actually worked
  9. Pretty sure the year iPhones came out more were sold than babies were born in the UK that's an actual statistic.
  10. not shocked people still buying the next Ibullshit that comes out even tho(IMO only) that most the shit apple releases is exaclty the same fuck apple! wish the company would die! long live LINUX N Microsoft!
  11. iExpensive, iShit iOverprice, iShiny

  12. lol, i love how all you guys bash apple. it makes me laugh inside.
  13. iPod's came out way before the iPhone. You guys not remember that? It's just apple's branding, trying to look cool or some shit. Whatever, I'm not going to get upset about a capitalized letter.
  14. teenage angst much?
  15. I do own a iPhone, Mac laptop and an iPad, apple headphones, apple storage devices, i'm a huge hypocrite :laughing:
  16. Same man :D apple all the way it's so much better
  17. Apple isn't just a brand...it's a way of life :cool:

    You get entered into an exclusive club after you own more than 5 apple items, your sworn into secrecy and have an apple tattooed to your nuts.
  18. i perfer droids and kindles i built my own PC

    LOL skunky LOL i love your posts
  19. [quote name='"jcofillinois"']lol, i love how all you guys bash apple. it makes me laugh inside.[/quote]

    Care to elaborate or is it just some private fancy you have?


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