Why is insecurity so common?

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  1. Bad parenting?
  2. Advertising.

    Get your audience thinking they're lacking something and sell them the cure.

    Just my first gut reaction to your question, good question though.
  3. because of the media, they show all these perfect looking actors and everyone wants to be like them and they get insecure because they don't look perfect all the time.
  4. Society too.
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    Mm, the media, bullying, verbal abuse from friends/family/peers/etc.

    Lots of children are picked on when they're younger for things they can't really control that when we're older we realize aren't that uncommon. (Four eyes, brace face, other stupid juvenile crap like that.) Sometimes these things stick with us even as we age, so we're constantly worried about ourselves and how we appear to others. This is made even harder by the media constantly projecting these images of 'perfect' people that we end up comparing ourselves to.

    I was never picked on as a kid by other students, but I'm very insecure about myself because of some mental abuse from my step mother and it's stuck with me throughout my life. I know that no matter how hard I try to move past it it will probably always be in the back of my mind when I fail or do something stupid.
  6. That's why you see young girls being such sluts nowadays and dressing like whores, they see it in movies and television shows.. and then they want to be like them
  7. Because 'friends' stab you in the back
  8. And family pretends to accept you until you do something they don't agree with and then your a piece of shit
  9. lol.. Everyone is so quick to put the blame on something else. The media. Parents. Friends.

    In all honesty.. I don't know why because I don't understand it. I've been around media, parents, friends, judgmental people at school.

    I guess most people just lack spunk.

  10. Or when someone grows up watching all this bullshit they see on the tv and Internet they get insecure because they lose touch with reality.. It's not putting the blame on someone else it's the truth
  11. Cause bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
  12. If a person is losing touch with reality because what they see on the internet.. They should get off the internet. It is blaming someone else. People don't know how to take responsibility for themselves.
  13. Nowadays kids don't know any different, they are getting cell phones and laptops for Christmas at the age of 8. I didn't even own a cell phone until I was 17.. It's sad to say but it's not their fault because that's just how technology and society is today.
  14. Why are the prettiest females insecure while the stage 5 clingers highly confident?
  15. Because the prettiest females are usually the fakest...meaning they use lots of make up and trashy clothes to look "pretty" when in reality the stage 5 clingers are perfectly secure with the way they look
  16. Of course they don't! Why would they? This trend starts when they are tiny little children, and have no reason to take responsibility for themselves - that's what they have parents for!

    You learn to be responsible as you age, and they're not given the chance to because they're being fed this bullshit as early as birth. The blame shouldn't be placed on the children, it should be placed on the parents.

    If they didn't feel the need to sit their 2 and 3 year old children in front of the TV constantly just so that they don't have to deal with them then people would be smart enough to realize what a pile of bullshit it is, but we learn as we grow and as we age these things are reinforced, so we get set in our ways.
  17. But the girls do that use a heavy load of makeup are the ones that make themselves look "hot" which is different from being pretty. The stage 5 clingers are way too cocky butterfaces, I remember one of them was trying to diss me cause I looked at one of them by accident (I was high and my eyes linger like a disco ball) I just wanted to throw a donut at her so she would shut up, bitch was annoying.

  18. Well now you are talking about specific people.. I'm talking about as a whole.
  19. I don't know, man :confused_2:

    So a child is nothing more than what the TV molds them to be? I just think people have a lot more potential than that.

    I was brought up to be catholic. it was pounded in my head since I was a baby.. and one day I connected the dots.. and realized that wasn't the path I wanted to go down.

    So the insecurity is the parents fault? The TV's fault? Society's fault?

    Well, there's something that separates the secure from the insecure. And I just think it's spunk.. like I had said.

    Sorry. It's just my opinion.

  20. As a whole then most of the girls I have described fall into that description, most of them are dramatic attention whores that are needy, clingy so I always pull myself out of the situation when they say "relationship" I'm not trying to get captured and settle like a zoo animal, I'm trying to be free like the slaves that discovered the North.

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