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Why is Indica so popular?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Michael, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Why is it so popular?

    Indica just makes you all physically tired, sleepy and you don't feel like doing anything. While Sativa's, 60/40 sativa's (hybrids) give you a much more relaxing mind high which makes you focus and actually want to do work / capable of doing work.
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    Good guess would be that Indica plants are better for a smaller area (home grow) than Sativa plants that grow much taller.
  3. Maybe people like a good body high to end the day with?
  4. I prefer it. I have bad anxiety, and it's nice to smoke and sit still :)
  5. Yea indica chills me out helps with stress but I think sativa strains
    Are much more popular
  6. Idk I've always wondered this too. Most people I know seem to prefer sativa heavy strains, as do I. Indicas seem to just give me couch lock and make me lazy and seem to be a waste of my free time. There's one exception and that's Bubba Kush, I didn't get lazy from that much at all and really enjoyed it.

    If an hour passes while I'm smoking Indica it seems like 40 min to me.
    With a sativa strain 5 min can pass and it can feel like 20-25. Even if you aren't high as long it can sure feel like it.
  7. I don't like heavy indicas myself, but like 40/60 hybrids are awesome. Indicas add to the high, but if you're smoking a heavy one it'll just basically put you to sleep after a half hour. I mean, for some people that's what they're looking for out of their herb.
  8. it all depends on person. I wish I knew for sure if it was a heavy sativa. man I could use that
  9. i personally like sativa more than indica's but in the end it is all up to personal opinion so im not sure if there is a 'right' answer to OP's question
  10. i think it comes down to indicas r typically easier to grow because they flower faster shorter so less visible from sky and require less nutrients to keep there buds filled out and healthy, although sativas r knowon to have massive harversts espically outdoors. as for the high i love them both equally what can i say mj lover
  11. Indica sucks, need more sativa on the market
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  12. It's great for pain, and it cures insomnia. Which is better depends on why you're smoking.
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  13. Because Indica gives you the "stoned" feeling that glues you to the couch, I'm starting to question if my bud is really indica or sativa, feels more indica.
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  14. Indica is so popular because it grows faster and the buds are usually more heavy which = faster, better pay for dealers.

    And yeah I dislike indica in a way. Sativa is my preference. But when you haven't smoked in over 2 months who gives a fuck! It's all high grade!:D My next pick up will be some NY Diesel though, which is sativa strong. Can't wait!:hello:
  15. Love indica and smokin my kush. I dont get couch locked anymore though :( instead I can use my body in a totally relaxed stat
  16. indicas are better for relaxing and anxiety and stress. good strains have less chance of giving someone paranoia.

    i think the couch lock thing has more to do with smoking too much. i have gone to workout and running pretty heavily after a few hits of indica's... felt great.

    indica heavy hybrids are great as well.
  17. The reason indica strains are so popular is because they are more profitable to the grower.

    Indica plants grow faster, they yield more buds, and the plants are shorter. These things combined make it super efficient for a grower whos trying to make money.

    In areas where there is a lot of connoisseurs, there is a higher demand for sativa strains and therefore there are more of them available.
  18. I'm curious, what types of areas would these be? Middle class areas in the suburbs? Or inner city neighbourhoods? Cause tbh I can see this applying to both. But as I do live in the city, my experience would tell me you're more referring to the former. Not enough sativa around here at all. Still highgrade though :smoking:
  19. I only really smoke indica strains because I have bad insomnia and it helps quite alot, and lots of people use them for pain.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think indicas are easier to grow because of the shape and it takes less time grow an indica plant that is super dank compared to a super dank sativa.

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