Why Is Illinois One Of The Few States That Is Less Likely To Prescribe Adderall?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vooshie, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Why are some states low on it? I tried getting a script but it is soo hard over here. I know I need it. I mean they told me I have adhd and depression. I cant seem to find people or friends that have it to buy off them. Im stuck.

  2. probably because adderalls illegal to talk about on these message boards
  3. Even the few drug forums I can think of don't allow questions about doctor shopping/prescription scripts (what you say or do to get a prescription).
    Please read the rules next time dude, and try to cope without medications that in all honesty... Will probably ruin your life.
  4. Just because a doctor said that doesnt mean you are....

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    Because they seem to have kids well beings in mind not prescribing that shit..Not to mention, in my opinion, nothing sounds okay about taking it for depression..
  6. Maybe they actually care about people
  7. It's kind of like doing legal meth for a made up disease.
  8. Lol you remind me of the guy at my work who is always asking for adderalls because he went through a month script in like a week. Very annoying, former meth head I'm pretty sure. But yeah I was on similar medications since I was about 6 stopped my junior year of highschool and was the best decision I ever made, I wish my parents would have never put me on it in the first place as a kid.
  9. cause we hear too many gun shots we dont need to be tweaked out no more
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    In a nutshell, because people out there are willing to do anything to make a few bucks, especially through grimy shit like malpractice suits, insurance claims, getting perscriptions and selling them, ect. The doctors out there aren't as willing to put their asses on the line and deal with the liability when they perscribe to some tweaker and he sues him after a massive heart attack lol. It's not only that specific state either, many states are creating stricter regulations on most scheduled medications.
    Edit: Also, as a few people mentioned, it's against the rules to discuss other drugs on this particular board. If you're actually interested, a quick Google search will probably tell you all you need to know.
  11. Cause ity ain't no good

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  12. adderalls for kids ya hear.
  13. Yeah they aren't going to prescribe it to someone with depression... stimulants are bad for people with depression.. the comedowns will make people kill themselves..

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