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Why is grasscity better?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nacher7g, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Better than unmentionable forums.
    I've tried getting involved in the community but everyone on the unmentionable forums is just... SUCH an arrogant dick.
    Even if you spell freaking word wrong, they will come DOWN on you with relentless insults.

    Whereas here on GC, the discussion is so lighthearted and everyone is so courteous and nice.

    Why is it that this forum surpasses the rest? I think it would be safe to assume that the members of unmentionable forums also smoke, so do what do you guys think?

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  2. Everyone here is nice and courteous? Hehe

    Well I suspect its because GC has been around for a while so a lot of the scum has been scraped off the bottom of the shoe over time.
    Moderators on GC get to problems pretty quick.
    Everyone who takes unmentionables discovers something about the world that they didnt know before, or often think they do. That makes a lot of users annoying as everyone's ego makes them think that their ideals and principles are holier than thou's.
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    I think it's because our rules are a little more strict, and tend to weed out a good portion of the immature and egotistical. I bet the average age of members here is significantly higher too, and that has the same effect, just a tad backwards.
    We also have good mods. Never saw mods do much to address issues in the other forums, let alone participate and make friends like they do here.
  4. That's a really good point

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  5. I wouldn't be so quick to say everybody is courteous here but yeah for the most part it is much more laid back here. As mentioned above the mods are quick, the rules are stricter, and the site has more longevity than other drug forums; all of these things work together to help take care of problems fast and even to prevent trolls from wasting their time here. Now there are some members here and there who can be rude but they are generally just really strongly opinionated and not always trying to be a dick unlike on other forums. Most users who come here for the purpose of trolling the forum or just being rude get their IP addresses banned so fast that it isn't even worth it for them to try; plus the community responds really well to trolling attempts and generally gets a mod on a troll/jerk really fast (with the exception of July 4, 2013 when the forum was infiltrated and sent into a frenzy by one troll while the mods were away for the day or something).
  6. God, what a day that was.
  7. GC is made of real blades.. People who devote their life to this magical, wondrous plant. 
    We don't care about spelling, or grammar- because, well, let's face it... We're more interested in promoting the movement as a whole and proving the world wrong by negating the typical stereotypes that are abundant throughout the marijuana culture. 
    The other forums that you speak of (Which I don't know and probably could care less about) are probably drug addicts that have no real purpose other than when to get high- which is why they attack your spelling and grammar. 
    Here though, we love you. We accept you for your differences, and we do not degrade you for them, but boost you up to the top echelon with the rest of us in our mighty cloud of smoke.
    Stay Hiiiiiii. 
  8. I've never seen anything like it before, one troll, just one measly troll, turned this place completely upside-down.
  9. Lol I don't remember. The holidays are usually the only days I don't at least check in.
  10. Neither do the mods apparently. Long story short since nobody was stopping the guy he was able to start a new thread like every 5 minutes and the topics were always controversial and then ended with "[TRUTH]" at the end of the title just to piss people off or something. The guy would argue with everybody he could even if it meant contradicting himself and he somehow had time to post new threads and reply to almost every post. There was so much happening on his threads that nobody was even using other threads and basically everybody online that day was fucking with the troll or just getting pissed off at them. 
  11. God used to exist. Corporations killed him. [TRUTH]

    Lol idk. Sounds like I dodged one there.
  12. it's all me me me... in my mind.
  13. Pretty close actually... but more along the lines of...
    These aren't exact examples but are totally based off of his most popular threads which I can't actually remember the names of lol.
  14. I enjoy being an asshole.
    Grasscity makes it fun to be nice.
  15. I feel that GC has a true sense of community. When there are fights, people try to break it up, if there are deaths/births/happy news/bad news we are generally there for each other to show support. So, there are good vibes all around.
  16. I disagree. While there are SOME nice people on here who just try to help, there are still obnoxious, self righteous, pretentious 18 year old shits on this website who are: grammar nazis, argumentative for the sake of being argumentative, and just dicks.

    I try my best to help people, but i do go off on people who Give me shit. SO, that means, were on good terms! Haha welcome to gc btw
  17. i cant speak for other forums never been to them. as a youngin tho i used to lurk these threads and sponge information some right some wrong. it seemed so official in the google search i thought why fuck with any other website. 
    I remember that cunt..
  19. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  
    >>>exhales massively into a silent room<<<<<
    Why?  So much good content in this "city".
    Relax and enjoy.  :)
  20. I feel you man, but overall I think GC is the shit :)

    And thanks, glad to be here!

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