Why is GonG so nice?

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  1. I just got a good glass bong at my local head shop for $50. Its 18 inches tall with 7mm thick glass.It has a nice bowl, but it has a rubber stopper thing around the tube on the bowl piece and on the top of the downstem. It hits great, and is a good quality bong, but I dont see why people think glass on glass is so much better. With the rubber, it looks cheaper and lower quality but it seems to me like it's not much better than glass on glass, because it hits the same. So I was wondering, besides looking better, why is GonG so nice?
  2. Rubber grommets crack and split, GonG is forever. That and reducing the potentially unpleasant chemicals inhaled is always a good thing.
  3. yeah pretty much that^
    I always used to lose them while cleaning before I got glass on glass
  4. Not only does GonG cut down on potentially harmful chemicals inhaled, it actually creates a better seal than a rubber grommet does, so you're pulling less outside air in and more smoke from the bowl. But nice pick up, sounds like she's a beauty. You can always convert her to GonG when you pick up another $40-$60. :)
  5. Gong has diffused downstems.gong has percs.gong has ash catchers.gong is air tight.

  6. Not entirely true, I have seen some bongs with the rubber stopper that had tree percs in it.
  7. Yeah but I bet they weren't diffused.There's ash catchers for grommet bongs to but there not diffused.

    Diffusion is a big deal
  8. I still don't see how any thing he said was untrue?
  9. i have seen non glass on glass with all those,,, grommeted diffusers,(slits and pierced holes), grommeted tubes with a dome perc, and grommeted ashcatchers, 1 piece and 2 piece
  10. same here my uncle has a grommet Zong and he has a nice puncture hole diffy in it. it hits pretty good but GonG is such a different feel GonG> grommet anyday
  11. What everyone means to say is that, 99% of the time glass on glass is better. A Weedstar isn't better than this old school grommet Sovereignty bub...

  12. ^love that bub, dude.
  13. Personally I just like the feel of pulling a GonG slide better than the alternative (because GonG slides are smaller).

    Also it leaves room for add-ons. There's barely any good grommet style add-ons out there. On the other hand if you want anything from a heady slide to a Toro ash-catcher, they make it for GonG.
  14. That's a sick fucking bubbler
  15. ditto

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