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Why is getting high so wrong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Xenfire, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. I don't understand this. Why are people SO against people getting high. Not speaking specifically of cannabis, but as soon as you're altering your state of conciousness, you're auutomatically doing something bad... Since when is this such a bad thing? Why did we ever think this was a bad thing?

    Man discovers a plant that can make things better, food, movies, sex, activites that aren't usually fun, and then proceed to put a bad name on it, because it ALTERS US?


    Mankind fucking amazes and confuses me sometimes. :mad:
  2. Its becasue it scares people. The thought of people walking or driving down the street, that arnt in full control of their mind and body is a hazard. Also people become addicted to the substance, and when people spend money on these things its been know to rip families apart due to their own morals and values.

    That is why people think "getting high" is wrong.

    Evil. :smoke:
  3. If you think about it, what is so bad about changing the chemical composition of your brain?

    Government want us sober or numb (alcohol, opiates), in order to remain sheep.
  4. NWO all in this thread, haha, I think it has to do with the fact that alot of people view it as evil, Still one day it will be legal.
  5. It's not wrong, just look at alcohol, tobacco, and caffiene. All mind altering substances, but the one thing they have in common is that they are addictive. The goverment has the business sense of a 2 year old, so in order to make money on a product it has to be ridiculously addictive, even at the expense of it's citizen's health. You can't force your population to become addicted to pot, so it's not guaranteed money for them.
  6. Yet nobody thinks twice about someone having a few drinks when their out on the town. When in reality the effects of alchohol truly are SCARY at times, it kills thousands every year, little Tommy doesn't get a replacement liver because the 40 year old alchaholic was infront of him on the list. It causes domestic violence and it is an angry stimulant.

    Then you have the evil marijuana plant no doubt the devils work that grows naturally from the earth (Is alchahol naturally made? No another man made attrocity).
    There are 0 deaths attributed to marijuana and nobody gets too stoned and goes home and beats their wife. Period.

    This government of ours rules the world and as long as they are spending Millions of our tax dollars on the "War on drugs" to make anti pot commercials and cranking out more bullshit propaganda on why marijuana is harmfull, when every study they conduct can find nothing truly harmfull with any molocule found in our favorite plant. People will listen, believe, and follow our government to their deaths and be too ignorant to even know it.

    Marijuana is probably the least harmfull brain stimulate known to mankind while the most harmfull, tobbaco and alcahol, are perfectly legal and doctors continue to prescribe dangerous addicting drugs to people on a regular basis but I still can't light up a blunt on my front porch.
  7. Because the government says it is and everyone knows they always know what's right.:rolleyes:
  8. Its been taboo for thousands of years.

    To the bible its considered a sin.
    They call it sodomy.

    Its not always just the government.
    Alot of views are based from the bible.
  9. weed helps us put back the inevitable DEATH
    and makes LIFE the priority
  10. Dude, sodomy is gettin' fucked in the backdoor....
  11. The bible is not the reason the general public percieves marijuana as a dangerous and harmfull drug.
  12. i just got arrested last week and everything that happened totally changed the way i look at the lifestyle of a pot smoker. dont get me wrong i still love it and i always will but the problem lies when peope letthe drug take control of their life. theres nthing wrong with getting high as long as u dont let it control you
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    Sodomy isnt just the back door. Its oral or just sex in general. with out marriage. Premarital sex.

    Sodomy is pretty much just everything against the teachings of god. in the long run of things.

    Thats one of my sayings. but mine is. "Do the drug. Dont let it do you."
  14. This world would be so much more peacefull without the complications of religion.

    I don't mean to offend any of you church goers out there but it is an opinion that hold very strongly.
  15. I think a big contribution towards the misinterpretations of herb is the huge campaign launched to vilify it. And also it is easier to irrationally condemn something illegal, especially when we are being taught as children in DARE that it is the gateway to worse things that do have tangible consequences.
    In my experience, I've noticed people use the moral battle against cannabis to make themselves feel superior to those of us who do choose to enjoy the sweet herb. Anyone else ever get that?
  16. idk why yo. idk. im always high
  17. I defianately agree. Religion causes problems in this world. Religious people dont mind their own business but instead judge others.

  18. Well you're right most of the way, but you forget that caffeine is very easy to kick, just a headache and some attention problems are all the withdrawals I've every experienced.

    If the government taxed and regulated marijuana, they would make shit loads of money. It may not be addictive, but its just to perfect to stop voluntarily. Seriously, if I could, I would stay high my entire life. It just makes everything that much more fun.
  19. Weed opens your mind up. makes you realize certain things. people are so against it because they have been brainwashed into believing certain things are bad.. They dnt realize consciously why their against it because if they did they would realize its not so bad.
  20. Depends on the person. As for nicotine, I smoked a pack a day for 5 years, then quit, no problems whatsoever. I drank coffee for 2 years and quit and for 2-3 weeks after that I was deathly ill, vomiting, etc. Every drug affects everyone differently, but for me caffeine was far more destructive than alcohol, tobacco, and weed put together.

    I think Harry Anslinger can answer the OP's question best. The reason getting high is so wrong is because it makes white women desire relations with coloreds. It also makes the coloreds think they're as good as white men. Oh yeah, and it might make you like jazz music or some shit.

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