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why is everything food related getting smaller!

Discussion in 'General' started by pieman615, May 27, 2009.

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    well over the past 6 years ive noticed from snack bars to burgers get smaller every YEAR!

    and its bullshit i remember buying this bar from like 4 yrs back and i bought it again for the firstt time in ages and its literally half as big as it was.

    :( sigh i miss the old days


    i live in australia by the way our mac donald burgers are too small
  2. Haha or maybe you're getting fatter? Kidding of course, but I'm noticing food just keeps on getting bigger. I mean look at the new Pizza Hut commercials, they have this new calazone looking thing that's meant to be eaten by one person, that shit is HUGE.
  3. I dunno about you, but over here food is getting bigger....

    Our small cups used to be large cups when I was younger.

    A 6 dollar burger would of been mammoth back then also.
  4. Yea everything is getting bigger, Look at the damn cheetos these days, huge balls of fucking cheese haha.
  5. hahaha well i know american food is HUGE in australia its fucking small as.

    you dont know how small our mac donalds burgers are here.

    its so bloody sad
  6. Jesuz christ, now I have to go out and get some food, got nothing at the house.
  7. You're all right.

    Food is getting bigger, unless it's cheap food, then it's getting smaller. ;)

    Example; junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's. Shrunk! Why? Because it's a dollar, that's why. :p

  8. the cup size of cups are huge these days

    burgers however. they are too small.
  9. i just combined three cups of ramen noodles in one huge bowl and its becoming a feat to eat the whole thing...I love ramens but man in jail they sell those fuckers for like 2.00 dollars each.
  10. LOL are you from the states?
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    I don't know why I laughed so hard at this.
    Maybe it's because the sudden realization that ramen noodles are 20x more expensive in jail made me realize how totally harsh jail is. :hide:;)
  12. Seriously! i went through like 50 dollars on my books in like one comersary order, i ordered like 20 ramens and some Ding dongs...God i hate jail ahah.
  13. You guy should really check out's literally our future haha
  14. Enjoy your EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES!
    Carls Jr... "Fuck you, I'm eating" :smoking:

    I love that movie. :p

  15. THIS is the fucking truth in America. Never thought about it until you just pointed it out though. Thats fucking rediculous! :eek:

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