Why is DWI OK to talk about?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by oldskoolgrower, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I was already thinking about posting this but this post from an insightful blade decided it for me:

    Why is it OK for kids to talk about driving around while intoxicated? It's clearly illegal in every jurisdiction I know of, even those that have MMJ laws or decriminalization.

    It is one thing to take a one hit then drive. That's like having a beer then going for a drive. It's another to talk about getting all blazed or hotboxing a car while cruising around.

    It's irresponsible and dangerous, and it makes me want to put my Red Forman foot in someone's ass.
  2. As of now, it's not against the rules. That's not to say that it won't be. Dealing and driving under the influence are very different issues, though.

    I think the best thing for you (and others who are opposed to it) to do is to educate those that are doing it and then when they come back with the defensive remarks, which I'm sure will be disrespectful, then report the posts.

    I thought I knew everything when I was the age of some of these posters but it took me getting older and growing up to know that I didn't know shit. Sometimes, it helps to have those that are now grown...truly grown, to offer advice and explain the consequences to these posters.

    I remember telling my mother when I hit my mid to late 20's that I was sorry for not listening to her because while I thought I knew it all as a teenager/young adult, I didn't really know shit. Hopefully, the youth/young adults of today will get smart and accept that they don't know everything...and quite honestly, never will. I also hope that they will at least consider the advice given to them by those that have lived life a little longer than they have.

    Call me a dreamer...

  3. Word, my friend. When I was a child like a lot of these kids I thought I knew it all. Now I'm old enough to know that I really know very little. Life's a learning adventure.

    I was just thinking about the references to illegal activities in the rules. DWI is clearly illegal everywhere in the civilized world. I'm just sayin' ;)


    "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."

    - Mark Twain
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    When I was 17 I ate some shrooms at a friend of mines house. I decided to go home. It took me 2+ hours to make a 10 minute drive, mainly do to all the snow, in the southeast US, in July.
  5. I agree with you on this OSG, and always have.

    But whenever I've voiced my opinion about not operating a vehicle when you're stoned I tend to have the -reps piled on by those who think they're so high and mighty and can handle driving while blazed. It's always some form of the comment "weed isn't alcohol so stfu." Well, unfortunately, weed still impairs you, and slows your reaction timing.

    I'd also like to see DWI become a verboten on these forums. Of course, enforcing it would be pretty hard as the majority of people here see nothing wrong with it, but I'd definitely be willing to report posts as I see them. I think as marijuana becomes more mainstream and accepted by the larger society that we need to do all we can to make sure we're putting forth proper and safe information for all those who might come here after a Google search looking for an answer. As it stands now it just looks like we've got a bunch of underage punks who think it's cool to flaunt the law whenever they want, until they get caught. Then the cop bashing begins.

    ^Post above^ points this out beautifully
  6. I see nothing wrong with having a little buzz and driving if one is responsible, just like I see nothing wrong with having one drink and then driving as long as one is careful. There is a reason there are legal limits to the latter.

    However, most of the threads that get started about driving while high wind up being a festival of kids making light of how they either drive around blazed out of their minds or hotboxing the car with their friends. The latter is probably worse because you KNOW they aren't paying attention.

    Y'all know I'm all about the Plant, but that I'm also all about the responsible use of it.

  7. Amen sir. Amen. If I need to get stoned before doing something, like tonight when I went to the buffet, I drive to my destination and then I smoke. Granted, it's easier for me because I own an iolite, but if the choice comes down to driving blazed, or not smoking to be safe, then not smoking should always be the choice made.
  8. Yeah my wife won't smoke and drive at all, or drink and drive at all, so if I want to be all wasted for some event (great for picnics!) I just have her drive :D
  9. Driving around smoking is stupid because if you get pulled over you're gone, not because its dangerous.

    Show me some data that says stoned people get in more accidents, no fucking way, and if they do they're going pretty slow.

    The main danger is probably just the distraction of lighting the bowl.
  10. There is plenty of data attesting to the fact that weed slows reaction timing. There's no need to go hunt down this data for you when you can do it yourself. Sometimes that millisecond it would take to make the decision to swerve right or left is the difference between totaling your car, and coming out of it relatively unscathed.

    And yes, you're right, part of the danger is getting caught by the police. But to sit here and claim that driving stoned is just as safe as driving sober is to be completely dishonest.

  11. You know full well that there is no such data. They do not routinely drug test people who get into accidents. You also know full well, if you're being intellectually honest, that if someone is blazed out of their gourd then they are not competent to drive.

    See it's that kind of apologism and denial that contributes to irresponsible behavior by kids.

    That all being said, I didn't start this thread to hold a debate. I started it to state my opinion that talking about DWI should be verbotten.
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    removed, apologized and forgiven for.

  13. Not necessary dude. If you're going to debate with somebody do it like an adult.
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    There is nothing self righteous about speaking the truth my friend, but you're entitled to your opinion. Also, don't bother saying 'due respect' when you're insulting someone ;) Not that I find it insulting. I'd have to genuinely care about your opinion about me for that to matter.

    I was specifically talking about the kids in all these threads that pop up who talk about being totally blazed and driving around and the antics that ensue. I made it quite clear that smoking a little is not deleterious to driving.

    If you feel better making ad hominem attacks though that's fine. You won't hurt my feelings. I seemed to have struck a nerve with you though ;)

    EDIT: Rummy you should just lock this thread before things degenerate. I wasn't trying to start a huge debate over something so obviously self evident.
  15. That wasnt an attack, thats how it comes off to me.

    But it's sunday and I was in a religeous discussion early so I have self righteousness on the brain.

    That said, since it was taken the wrong way, I do apologize :wave:.
  16. I know the threads you were talking about, and I dont disagree that they are not good for business. I was just feeling chatty. :p
  17. Try being chatty without making personal attacks and then we might actually have a productive conversation then :)
  18. ok, without getting into anything deep here, I really dont feel like saying someone is on a "self righteous kick" is a personal attack. But like I said in the other reply, since it came off that way, I apologize.
  19. Oh it's cool. I really meant it when I said it didn't hurt my feelings, but you really should look up 'ad hominem'. It's a poor tactic for debating anything. I certainly have no angst towards you.

    Driving while intoxicated is bad, not to mention illegal. I don't think any rational person can come up with a credible arguement against that.

    I really am not going to debate it anymore though because that's not why I posted the thread. I posed a question and made a suggestion about the rules. Rebutt it if you wish. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  20. naw I am out of here, some dude killed my rep because of my ad hominem.

    WTF? jeez.. im going back to the growers room. Do you know how many newbies I have had to help to get that rep?
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