Why is Biden Still in this Race?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Acewiza, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. He's only chance the Dems have off unseating DT..but he's another Old White Guy and that is not what the left wants.

    I have never voted republican for president till now! There's 0% chance I'm supporting Kamala or Warren.

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  2. He's trying to rescue some soldiers and pin more medals.

    Cray cray warren, "if fear is a factor in your life!" at a screeching obnoxious decibel.
  3. To answer the question, it's because he is the front-runner. You'd have to be some kind of crazy to think the front-runner in a campaign would say, "Oh! I'm leading in every poll by double digits? Gee, I better quit!" :roflmao:
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  4. Don't worry...his daily gaffs will have him dropping out soon. The latest was forgetting Obama's name and making up a war story. Just a dunce.
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  5. Beiden is the worst of them by far. However people want to see a moderate with an established base and no "radical" views leading the race.

    As we saw in the last election "people" aren't very bright. I hope he does something stupid enough for him to lose momentum, doesn't seem like a stretch based on his recent shenanigans.

    As far as as him making shit up and forgetting things, that's indeed laughable, but coming from trump supporters is about as hypocritical as it gets.

    We really don't need another senile old man in charge. Time to elect a younger candidate who can actually get something done. There is a reason why most companies wouldn't hire seventy year old workers. Why are we trying to elect some prehistoric fossil as a president is beyond my understanding.
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  6. It’s hard to decide who’s closer to dementia, Biden or Trump.

    At least Biden’s not a hate monger.
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  7. Looks to me that there is much "beyond your understanding". Like what makes one a hypocrite for starters. So, by your standards, 60+ million people are barred from pointing out anything negative about a Dem candidate when you and yours perceive similar behavior by Trump. LOL Yeah, I don't think so.
  8. We had Obama, who was younger. I voted for him twice, and I am wondering what exactly he accomplished in either term that makes him any better than Trump.
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  9. I just don't understand how in the hell this OWG dem version of Trump is the front runner, when it seems all I see and hear about the guy is crap like this.
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  10. Yeah it seems odd. I think people genuinely want something different, whatever interests controls the left just won't allow anyone truly different. The powers on the right didn't want Trump but the people wanted change and they got it.

    I suspect it was Trumps ability to manipulate the media and keep himself in the spotlight that did it for him. Maybe Tulsi needs to flash her tits or start saying some outrageous shit to draw some lime light.

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  11. I still can''t fathom why there isn't more interest in Tulsi. I think she easily has what it takes to beat Trump.
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  12. As always you missed the point.
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  13. - pulled us out of the biggest recession since the great depression

    - ended war in Iraq

    - oversaw operation to eliminate Osama bin laden

    - multiple environmental protection policies

    - passed a healthcare reform to help cover more than 20 million people

    - wall street reform

    - kick started growth in the highest growing tech sector i.e. renewables

    - handed off the most prosperous market conditions to Trump

    These are just some of the top accomplishments off top of my head
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  14. Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi cover-up, cash for clunkers, plane load of cash to terrorists...just off the top of my head. He had both houses of congress and sat on his midnight basketballs.
  15. If Tulsi did that I think even Trump might vote for her.

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  16. Spot on.

    People don't want anything "different". Nobody cares about policy or real issues.
    We want the same thing we've always wanted: tits, beer and outrageous shit. 'Murica!
  17. IDK I think 2016 was all about change, Trump and Sanders. IMO terrible options but at least it was different to some degree.

    As i have said i wish Trump and Sanders ran 3rd and 4th party in 2016 to be REAL affecting.
  18. Biden will win because a bunch of idiots have convinced themselves that there is some made up voter in Ohio or Florida that will only vote for joe and nobody else. This idea of course is given to us by every major media outlet which consistently claim with zero evidence that the most moderate candidate is the one most likely to win. Despite the more moderate candidate losing almost every major election for the last decade

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