why is alcohol legal?

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  1. seriously wtf?
    alcohol kills thousands and ruins many peoples lives
    who the fuck dies from weed/psycodelics
    even E, it brings out the kindness in people
    why is our gov.t so fucked up
  2. Because prohibition didn't work and it's a deep part of our society, drugs are not sadly.
  3. the question isn't why is alcohol legal, it's why isn't every drug legal!

    drugs are a deep part of our society, they just don't have the public acceptance that alcohol does.

    Most people are completely for legalization of marijuana, but would you get elected into office with that stand? no
  4. 2 words: "Government" and "money". Same goes for tobacco. Quite ironic, isn't it? Both of these are legal, yet they cause countless deaths every year. How many deaths have weed caused? Zero. But is it legal? No. Welcome to the world of propaganda and corrupt politics.
  5. Because alcohol has pretty much always been legal. THey made it illegal, people fought against it, and then it became legal again.

    When people have soemthing you can't take it away.

    When people want something that isn't popular it's hard to convince everyone that it should be given to them.

    That's the bottom line in my opinion.

    Alcohol - always been legal, hard to take away

    Drugs - never legal
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    Here's the government breakdown:

    Because alcohol is more addictive than marijuana, it is legal.
    Addiction means $$$$$$$$.

    Because tobacco is more addictive than marijuana, it is legal.
    Addiction means $$$$$$$$.

    Because hard drugs have a greater chance of sudden death, they are illegal.
    People dieing means people not paying their taxes.
    People not paying their taxes means less $$$$$$$$.

    Trust me, the government knows the truth about marijuana, they just hide it.
    Because if marijuana was legal people might not drink as much and people might not smoke cigarettes as much... Meaning they lose money!!!!

  7. qft....
  8. It's probably legal to increase ticket profits, nobody does anything illegal when they're high, atleast not anything too too illegal, but when your drunk, i dunno, shit just get's crazy.
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    Ding! Ding! Ding! Although I'm sure they would accept any other drug THC, LSD, DMT, and all the other goodies if they could tax, regulate, and profit from them all. It's fucked up how our government looks at drugs and pisses me off to think about it.
  10. Anyone agree with me that alcohol is literally the most mind numbing drug there is?

    not saying I don't enjoy it occasionally, but I think I've gotten more introspection from opiates then i could ever with alcohol
  11. Another thing...

    If the world wasn't about money, suicide wouldn't be illegal either.
    People are prisoners to one big cooperation, their government.
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    Couldn't disagree more about this. There are as many people that smoke daily and are high constantly as there are alcoholics. Most people can function better high and don't call it or categorize it the same way as an alcohol addiction but it's abused just as frequently and if you don't agree with me then obviously I think you're wrong.

    Secondly, theres a breathalizer. There's no way whatsoever to know if someone is high while driving other than just judgement. Even a saliva swab doesn't prove the person was high at the point they were pulled over. WHy would anyone legalize a drug that impairs people when there's no way to punish them for that impairment? (and don't argue you drive fine when high, that's not the point, no politician would EVER EVER argue that you drive fine when high but they would argue there is a test to punish those that abuse it and if you could do that more people would be for legalization).
    There are problems with drunk driving but people accept it as those that get caught rot in jail.

    People using hard drugs means addiction and leads to other crimes like theft and robbery, it has nothing to do with people dying and not paying taxes. At least not in my opinion.
  13. Alcohol is a deep part of U.S. History and also $. But when the government tried prohibition of alcohol in the 1900's it gave way to big criminals like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly.
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    1) People don't get psychological withdrawals from marijuana.
    You CANNOT die from withdrawing from marijuana.
    You CAN die from withdrawing from alcohol.
    Because you're body is harmed from deadly withdrawals, you don't just choose to use it, you MUST use it. THAT is true addiction. THAT is the addiction that makes the money.

    2) I agree with this, but I don't understand your point.

    3) Both are true about hard drugs. AND alcohol also leads to theft and robbery.

    Here's what I'm saying.
    If a pack of cigarettes rose to $20 a pack, some addicted people would still buy them.
    If a eighth-ounce of marijuana rose to $500, everyone would grow their own.
  15. HIVEMIND :p

  16. I actually was unaware that you could die from alcohol withdrawl, I thought heroin (or opiates) were the only drug that could harm you when you quit cold turkey.

    And I just don't think any politician would legalize a substance that can lead to accidents when driving when you can't punish a person for it. If someone drives too high and gets in an accident you can't prove they were high at the time. You could do a blood test or a saliva swab and find out they had used it recently but not recently enough to prove it was a factor in the accident. That was my point.

    And yes, I suppose alcohol leads to crime as well.

    Go back to my previous though, alcohol has always been legal. It's much harder to legalize something that isn't accepted.

    And drugs are just as much a part of our society as alcohol is. Alcohol ahs just always been a legal part of our society and drugs have always been illegal.

  17. Exactly...as much as drugs is ingrained into our culture, alchohol is much more so. Hunter S. Thompson called it one of the great American pastimes.
  18. a) Alcohol withdrawal causes autonomic hyperactivity which means it increases heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing rate. If severe this can cause heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiovascular collapse or respiratory collapse. Withdrawal seizures can sometimes be fatal. Repeated vomiting and profuse sweating caused by the withdrawal can quickly lead to fatal dehydration. Alcohol withdrawal delirium (delirium tremens or the "DTs") is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal. Delirium tremens is uncommon but if it develops and is left untreated it carries a mortality rate of up to 35%, mostly due to the severe cardiac disturbances that I described.

    b) Cell-phones cause more road accidents/fatalities than marijuana.
    They're legal and no one will you know you were using it.

    c) I completely agree with your last sentence.
  19. Because this is a world where many things are not right. If we were in a world where everything was how it should be then it would not be a world at all but a paradise.

    I guess its legal cause if it wasnt there would be basically no legal rec drug to party on so we would all turn to illegal drugs. (made that up on the spot)

    Why would they let us do that ^^ when alcohal is so profitable though?

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