why is 1 blunt wrap 4.80?

Discussion in 'General' started by betrendylikeme, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. im so confused
    is it more than one but from what i read its 1 blunt wrap
    the sames one up the block at the bodaga is a buck
  2. all wraps here are $1 but I use cigarillo's
  3. 2 bucks for most blunts here in tdot
  4. Some places are raising tobacco taxes and trying to ban single blunts and whatnot. But wraps continue to be a dollar here in virginia seemingly unaffected. I think alot of states equate blunt wraps with rolling papers. Single blunt prices have gone up in Virginia due to the tax increase.
  5. Sure that aint a pack of em homie? I never seen a blunt wrap that cost so much. Unless your talking about some random single cigar or something. I dont know im high!
  6. wraps suck anyway. But if the place you're going to is charging that much go elsewhere. A place near me charges $5.25 for a pack of zigzags, fucking ridiculous.
  7. Yup tax the wraps cause they market to kids! Fuck these Nanny-states:mad:
  8. blunt wraps burn wayyyyy too fast anyway

    get a dutch :smoking:
  9. Wraps here are a $1.50 or something a piece. and and rillos are only like 2 bucks or somethin.
  10. wraps here are like 90 cents
  11. rillo's all the way man, screw blunt wraps.
  12. 1 wrap for 4.80? thats crazy man, you sure you read that right haha?...its a buck here and sometimes they come with 2...like lukas said though, they burn waay too fast. Dont even fuck with em anymore. I did make a poster out of every single flavor rapper though...it was pretty epic...dont know where it went though
  13. it's prob a 2 pack, but it is still overpriced

    go get a regular cigar like a dutch

    also youre in nyc, so everything is bound to be somewhat more expensive
  14. Whack.
    There like 1.50 for 2 packs here.
    But i stick with optimo.
  15. $2 top. What brand blunt? Also smaller stores tend to raise the price a lot.
  16. Yeah man, I know what you mean. Most Sheetz or 7-11's have them for a buck or so. Then in Winchester, at the twin mart, you can buy a Cyclone for $1.04.

    Screw wraps and papers, get a cyclone :)
  17. 99 cents for a pack of two blunt wraps here and 99 cents for one swisher to.
  18. IMO fuck blunts and that silliness. Spend 100 dollars once and get a sick bong!

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