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Why Im a More Talented Person When ^

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xEtceteraaa, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I have a problem with getting frustrated. For example, if I get killed in a way that I consider unfair in Call of Duty, I freak out. My "FUCK"s echo through the house. When Im high, I dont get frustrated and angry. Even though my reaction time isnt as good, Im able to control my emotions more. This makes me better at everything because I can do things without getting pissed off or mad at myself. This isn't limited to Call of Duty either. I think it pretty much applies to everything.
  2. I know that feel bro. It takes so much more to get a reaction out of me blazed. But I do also yell fuck when I die in cod, but that's it, just a quick fuck!
  3. I have a habit of laughing when I die when I play cod stoned. Big difference from when I'm not high and I get super heated really easily.
  4. Agreed, I'm so much more calm in life and video games when I'm stoned. If I'm playing bf3, cod, tf2 or any fps and I die, I usually can't help but laugh at it, and appreciate the other players skill instead of calling him a lucky noob or other more hurtful words. I see things more objectively, and from others point of view when I'm high.
  5. Sounds like your problem is you have no self-control and you're using marijuana as a way to solve this problem, not good.
  6. You actually play video games not high!?!
  7. you're speaking of the inability to feel anger whilst baked? yes, it is good. :smoke:

  8. So what youre saying is that every person that gets frustrated (prob 90% of people) have no self-control? Im gonna disagree with you there.
  9. i would hate to be your roommate one day
  10. When i get high, i kill my teammates who are annoying/talking on the mic too much. Its really fun and you get some extreme reactions outta people! Good times.

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