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Why I will stop smoking pot...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dichev, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Get a better hook up?

    Or don't.

    Either way, I give my money to dealers.


  2. huh. . . thought it was just us.
  3. some serious ignorance here.:wave::rolleyes:
  4. yeah really, smoke a bit more and chill out, America is part of the world too. Better realize that before we become more hated and isolated, or at least lemme work on getting dual citizenship first

    And really, it's their, not there, for possessing something
  5. America, Fuck Yeah!:devious:
  6. That's dispicable! I nearly whiteyed reading the original post, a sickening stomach churning WHITEY! What appalling evil country is it you imprison yourself to get given such SCANDELOUS deals with such LEECHERS burning away your skunk!?

    What a dumb post.
  8. Marrrry goo rooundd'
    round and round
    i said now mary go round
    passs thee sweeeeeet

  9. hahahahahah rofl word
  10. Haha, great post again.
  11. Ignorance and envy imo...

    Viens-nous dire un ti bonjour au Quebec, tu vas voir ce qui arrive quand tu nous parles dememe :smoke:

  12. Christian999 Ill break em out on you too. I love BC Bud.

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