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Why I will stop smoking pot...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dichev, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Yesterday i had a hunger to get myself stoned as hell, but the only thing i got was 1/4 joint for 10 euros and 9 ppl wanting to smoke my shit. I didnt get stoned at all, I was hungry as hell and I knew that in my home there were no food at all. I refuse go give money to dealers and i will stop smoking till i make my own grow box but this will happen in several years :(. Dont hate me i just wanted you to know that in my country everything is fucked up!!!

  2. If you come to america I could get you a fake social.
  3. That right there is when you break out these bad boys.

    Say hello to America. Thats how we do it around here. JP
  4. im not the violence type, I like toking with friends smiling and enjoying life but in fake democracy you can't :( which is the sad part
  5. I was just kidding man, im the first person that would love to just get stoned and chill on the beach.

    I'm on a Break right now, try it. It's not so bad.
  6. No wonder 3/4 of the world hates americans ;)
  7. Seriously dude, tell those people to either buy there own weed or not to come hanging around just for that...

    Why don't you want to give money to a dealer? What's the big difference?

  8. haha h*** yehh mann :smoking:

  9. 10e for 1/4 joint?:eek:/what's your country mate???
  10. hahaha those brass knuckles made me start cracking up
    Americaaaaa, F**K YEAH!

    yeah what country are you in?? and why on earth would u let 9 people smoke no 1/4 a joint!! for that matter, why did 9 people want in a 1/4 joint! i would have been like.. cya, i'm gonna go call my dealer and reup...
    donth ate on buying weed because too many people want to smoke it, just make them buy it from you!

  11. Yeah really? Why would u let that happen man? You could've told them no or made them each pay a euro because then it would've been even at least. If you've only got that amount of weed smoke it to yourself at least, especially if u paid so mush cash for that.
  12. Mind if I ask what country you're in?
  13. dude thats almost liek 20 bucks american jesus for a joint wtf?
  14. I will beat the shit out of anyone who says they hate america with some brass knuckles.

    lol, i make a joke.

    Sorry your not gonna smoke anymore, when you do start growing though you wont have to pay for bud and the first time you smoke youll get high as shit.:hello:
  15. damn... I hate when people smoke up all my weed.
  16. Refuse to give your money to dealers ?

    LMAO good keep paying 10 euros for 1/4th a joint
  17. Don't worry, our Republic is a dictatorship now.
  18. No lovin' for the canadian!

  19. Nahh, its a chucktatorship.
  20. #20 KB_Killer101, Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2008
    As far as that goes i will put those on and punch 3/4 of the world in the face.

    I lol'ed hard after that one.

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