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why i will never do dramamine ever again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. this by far has to be the worst expieriance on drugs that ive ever went to. to sum up what it was like, it was all to me just a dream, but in reality, i was living it.

    on july 25th, 2003, i had finally finished summer school. me and sumone else (i dont want to put their name since they might bitch) who ill call stan decided to get fucked up in celebration. we picked up a gram of dro and smoked, and then we got a call. a girl who ill call jane for the same reasons as the other person, invites us to her house. stan who comes up with the idea that jane can steal us some pills has came up with the perfect idea (at the time). we should get as fucked up as possible and trip. so we head out over to jane's, which we got a ride from my mom.

    it wasnt long untill we had the pills at hand and when we did, i came up with probably the dumbest idea ever. if i took 49 dramaine and 32 coricidin last year and passed out, i could take 36 dramamine and 8 coricidin and actually live the trip. damn was i dead wrong.

    within an hour, i began to feel really dizzy and tired. i didnt have either open or closed eye visuals and was disapointed. i thought that my trip was going to be weak and have no effect, but the nasuating dizzyness increased and soon, i just layed down on the ground. from that moment, i blacked out.

    now unfortunettly, this is where my story breaks off because i can only look back and have images. here is basically what happened.

    i felt like i was dreaming and was slightly conscious standing up. i never remembered getting up, nor moving, but i couldnt recognize where i was. for some reason, i had the urge to take a piss. i looked and couldnt see anything, so i let it loose. i only however was able to remember half the piss as i went back into that blackout state like in a dream.

    the next thing i saw was a cop. i wasn't frightened however, as i believed that i was still lying on the floor of jane's house. i looked at him and walked over and saw that laugh in his face. the words he was saying made no sense to me so i decided to poke him in the stomache to see if he was real. once again, i faded to black.

    i then was on a stretcher, and a strap was put over my legs. i reached over to release it so i could leave but i saw stan and he said no. he was dressed in a paramedic uniform, but i was only able to have a glipse before another blackout.

    i was then in a bed with two strangers and my parents near me. i asked where was my dog, and my dog had responded that he was in a better place. i looked around and saw my dog stiff on the ground. i broke into tears as i tried to push him back into life. then another blackout and i reawoke on the bed again. it was the same hospital bed/stretcher that i was on before. i got up and walked to the back of the bed before another blackout. then i woke up, in the same room, but this time with my right arm and left leg handcuffed to the bed. i saw the room reappear as my kitched and repeatedly asked my mom to give me a knife to cut my handcuffs. i struggled for a long time to try to get free, but it was impossible. i then gave up and laid back to another blackout.

    i would reawaken sober not relizing that the whole thing wasn't a dream. i knew this because i was inside of a hospital room, with my psychiatrist standing the doorway. i knew right then that i had be hospitalized and institutionalized.

    now apparently what happened was that i had cheated death many times. the first few times was when i had gotten kicked out of jane's house for pissing on her wall and how i wandered morton grove mindlessly. the big time was in the hospital where i had went into acoma for around 12-13 hours. i had gotten lucky that the pills didn't do their desired effect as it was mixed along with my medication. i was lucky to survive, but for the next few days, i spent inside of the hospital under supervision and now, i have been forced to enter a drug rehab program.
  2. That sux, man. Stick to what you know (drug-wise).
  3. actually, i knew my coricidin, but dramamine, this woulda been my 6th time, and i never found my niche. now i give up on dat shiet, stick to weed instead. kinda have no choice either cuz dramamine tears apart my nasal cartilage which swell and cause me severe migraines on a daily basis. its healed now and itll stay that way, no need to open pandora's box again.
  4. WTF. I'm gonna say it strait up. 36 fing drammamine what were you thinking?

    But yeah, herb is the shit.
  5. Please people, DON'T EVER DO CORICIDIN....if you want to do DXM and you're going to steal it anyway, why not just get Robitussin? Come on now, don't make me come over there!

    I also had a bad experience with Dramamine...not that bad, but I saw a dragon climbing over a house...almost gave me a heart attack.
  6. this is exactly why i stick to weed and only weed...
  7. Jesus man you went threw some shit . Like they said Stick with the Herb man the only things i will Ever do is Weed and maybe a shroom sense they are both living things not some chemicle fuck that.
  8. I passed out in my neighbors car when I tried dramamine, I almost got arrested 3 times. I don't suggest this drug unless you are around someone the entire time you're tripping who can control you if you get out of control.
  9. Fuck drugs. Mary Jane is the most fucking beautiful woman!
  10. im a rec when it comes to dxm, since I usually took 16, even 24 on some occassions to pop a buzz. i know coricidin is bad, but it's the most potent and easiest to take. as for the dramamine, ive takin too much before and too little and i was still trying to find that grey area where I could be tripping hard and still maintain control. I've always wanted to see things like a dragon climbing over a house, but I guess i never will till i score some acid or weed laced wit pcp and pop sum pills or sumthin. jus no more dramamine cuz migraines aren't worth it.
  11. Fuck a whole lot of dramamine. I will NEVER do it ever ever EVER again. I had mad visual pictures. Its like your worse nightmare comming true! I had a clown follow me, i heard mad voices, someone lighted a lighter and there was flames everywhere, i thought i was in hell! shits too scary for me and i only took 9! I didnt even trip THAT hard off of acid or shrooms. i could have sworn i saw my dad riding in my car yelling my name and i was wiggin out but my friend was right beside me shaking me and telling me that it wasnt him or my car. Right after he told me the car transformed into what it really was and a different person inside of it! it was crazy as hell!

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