Why I Will Always Prefer Living On My Own Or With Other Weed Smokers

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  1. so I have friends that are my age or a little bit older little bit younger I'm 19 by the way that prefer to stay with their parents because its cheaper or whatever reason me on the other hand I couldn't do that. I moved out on my own when I was 16 and I've been happy with it and I've been having a pretty good life so far . I can't possibly imagine having to move back in with my grandmother or parents. so anyway I just thought I would list the best reasons why you should always live on your own or with other weed smokers.

    -you can grow and become self sufficient
    -I'm one hell of a lazy mofo and I hate having open windows and having to point a fan out my window and get something going and making noise to cover up that fan shit. either weed smokers or you by yourself can just enjoy the feel of a good long smoke without any of that shit or worries.
    -enjoy smoking your friends out on an awesome smoking lounge.
    -you can now bake edibles at any time

    Will continue to add things to the list.

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  2. I moved out of my parents house and when my parents split I let my mom move in with me. WORST IDEA EVER!!!!! Not because of smoking tho, my moms a major pot head herself, she's just PSYCHO! I asked her to please go live with her mom. ]: I'm a bad daughter.
  3. I think you made the right choice. I have mother that is bat shit crazy and would never think of her living with me. unless it meant the streets.then I'd help her find a good homeless shelter! LOl..JK I'm going to hell for that last comment. :hide:  
  4. Hahahahahaha I'm going down with you then!!! I felt bad ]: she's good people, but just a little more mental than I can handle. Like..

    "WE GOT NO SUGAR?!!!" *throws bowl of cereal across the kitchen". Wtf?! The sugar is in the cabinet.. -_-
  5. Bump^^^ YUP ! been there done that ! Living with the crazy's! :eek:
  6. At least I'm not the only one.
  7. I love my family, but I'm glad I don't live with them. Not even because of weed; I just prefer living on my own. 
  8. Hey man, im not quite sure if you know what a bump is but you only do that when a thread is old and has no comments and like at the bottom of the page or on another page so you can get it back to the front so people can see it and comment
  9. i'd never let my mom move in with me when I move out. She'd probably wind up telling me not to smoke weed in my house lol :laughing: . So hopefully that situation never happens to me.
  10. Don't ever let it happen. Lol!!!
  11. Trust me I'll do everything i can to avoid it, but I still have at least another year before i'll even be able to move out :(
  12. Better than living with your momma until your 40! Unless you're 40, my bad.
  13. yea thats true, and i'm definitely not 40 I'm only 19
  14. You're still young so it's ok. I moved out when I was 21, I was a bum at home for a bit, but just because it was easier and closer to school.
  15. I know how it is. My dad is kinda ok with me smokin weed, because he's a tweaker. But he refuses to get help and is fuckin destructive psycho, i didn't last a month living with him. Even tho i didn't have to hide weed from him.

    I lived with my mom and stepdad most of my life. They're brainwashed and anti weed. My mom is nice and very religous, but can be bitch sometimes. I never got along with my stepdad because he's an asshole and doesn't know how to treat us right. He treats his friends better than his family and acts like a different person in front of guests and strangers. I lived on my own for a bit, it was really nice at first. But roomates got annoying after a while. And i recently got fucked by the law, lost my job and license. so im stuck with my mom and stepdad for about another year.
    Really wish my grama was still alive!
  16. i would never, ever house my mother. if she was a hobo begging at my doorstep i'd close the fucking door.
  17. D: I'm terrible. Ill house anyone, I'm too nice to everyone.
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    Its a huge difference when you live on your own. I love my family but after i turned 19 i knew i couldnt live with them because theyre semi-old school mexican parents so no matter how old i am theyd treat me like a kid. Nothing beats waking up, packing a bowl and hitting it in your bed to start your day lol.

    And roomates are hit or miss. Luckily my roomates are okay but they can drive me fkn nuts sometimes

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  19. I lived with a roomate and it wasnt that bad.. then he screwed me and I kicked him out. Been living in a 2 bedroom by myself for the last 5 months and I LOVE IT. I really like not having a room mate I can keep the place spotless without someone else making it a mess and dirtying the whole place up. As I use my clean dishes I wash them so there is never a pile of gross dirty dishes. Plus he kinda smelled so the place smells a hell of a lot better( multiple people have commented on the smell ).
    So I really like living alone just for the fact that I can keep the place spotless. 
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    I can't wait to live on my own. Less bullshit I will have to deal with plus I'll throw mad parties.

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