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Why I watch interviews with Bill O Reilly.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ToTheDome, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I enjoy watching an older conservative get his ass kicked verbally on such a repetitive basis. I also enjoy listening to most of the other peoples the he brings on sides of things.. mind you 90% of them get interrupted and spoken over BUT its still interesting to watch someone having a sensible conversation just get verbally plowed over by a jack ass who thinks hes smart because he has his on show. GAH! It seriously pisses me off because theres people who ACTUALLY listen to his bullshit. :mad:
  2. Bill o reilly is a dumb fuck who never knows what hes talking about. if you wanna watch a good pollitical show watch jessie ventura. hes pro-marijuana to
  3. to give o'reilly his due, at least he regularly invites people on his show to argue, in spite of the fact they habitually destroy him in the debates.

    This is in stark contrast to Keith Olbermann, who's interviews with fellow liberals (and don't get my wrong I'm a left liberal) have the cocky, flippant ideological homogeneity of thought of any two of us talking about whether or not pot should be legalized.
  4. Liberals are idiots...
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    Amen! Jesse is awesome, he should run for prez, we'd all know every single conspiracy (he'd make it public) and we'd be blaze legally
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    =( one love: we're all humans everyone just has different perspectives on life, politics and religion

  7. Except liberals, they're fucking retards
  8. I love how almost every video of Bill O'Reilly on YouTube is of him getting owned.
  9. When I'm high, I gain this amazing insight into people when I watch and listen to them talk. I can see the Devil in their eyes, so to speak. When I watch Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and etc. I see the devil in their eyes. It scares me. I see evil and sense evil.
  10. Bill O'Reilly cuts peoples mics when hes getting owned.
  11. Last interview I saw by him was when Lupe Fiasco was on...Lupe was interrupted at least 10 times when he got too important facts about why the fuck we really are in afghan...OIL
  12. Fox News - Doing everything BUT journalism since October 7th, 1996.:cool:
  13. Just because O'Reilly doesn't say the same shit you believe in doesn't make him a bad guy. Give him credit for not being a pussy and bringing both sides of people into the debate, unlike most stations(MSNBC, CNN, etc. etc.)

    Yea, he may shout over his guests, and I think he is a dumbass for that, but he isn't as ignorant as everybody thinks.

    Hell, I'd rather have him leading us then fucking Obama.

  14. He doesn't bring both sides to debate, he brings his side...And the opposing side which he will berate, stomp, and yes, shout over.

    Don't know where you learned about debating...But O'Reilly interviews hardly qualify as interviews much less a debate, Fox News as a whole is a fucked news organization. If you're watching them for news you might as well ask the junkie in room 201.:cool:
  15. Eh, I'd say for most of them he does bring both sides, but yes, he does sometimes only bring his side, but nobodys complaining about Bill Maher. Hes got 3 other people that are sided with him and one person whos against him, but nobodys complaining about him.
  16. o'reily can suck it....
  17. Bill O'Rilly is a dumb fuck who doesn't even deserve to have his name spelled right.
  18. All news is fucked, but Fox in general is way more fucked than the others.:cool:

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