Why i think weed is illegal

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  1. i think that the reason the marijuana is illegal is because the government cant tax it if they sell it. I mean there have been so many studies and they know that marijuana isnt bad for you and that alcohol is worse but the difference is they can tax alcohol. With marijuana anyone can get seeds and just grow them in their house

    That is why i believe it is illegal
  2. Anyone can grow tomatoes in their garden, but do most people get their tomatoes from their personal gardens or do they get them at the grocery store?

    Do you grow okay weed or go buy some dank at your local convenience store for cheap?

    Growing weed will become a hobby not a main source, just like it is with alcohol. I know I sure as hell wouldnt want to tend to a pot garden when its 10 bucks for a half ounce down at the 7-11.
  3. weed was made illegal to get the immigrants in southwest america to move back to their host countries and because somebody would smoke weed than kill somebody so the paranoid public would blame it on the weed

    (info from a history of weed tv show) :)
  4. Search up Harry J Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst. they are why weed is illegal.
  5. very interesting...thanks for the names ;)
  6. They would tax it just like they tax any other agricultural product. The reason it is illegal is a combination of racism and special interests, specifically the petrochemical, pharmecutical, and lumber industries. It's a matter of historic record. Read up on the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.
  7. I am irritated when I hear people say this. For one, weed is illegal because of ignorance, hate, propaganda, and lies. Second, the statement that cannabis can't be taxed isn't even true (as others in the thread have illustrated). And ExpandingEye, you hit the nail on the head in regards to the United States. Anslinger's and Hearst's lies are the primary (if not only) reason cannabis is illegal today. I assure you, though, it will change!
  8. PHP:

    That just goes to show you, that in the end, everything revolves around money...

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